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bc the electrical connections in the squat was bad

For utilities it is someone achievable to set up some off grid utilities like heat n electricity for less than 500 dollars that don't have risk of fire. Plus they let u squat in areas without utils set up. Tho I bet most squatters don't have that much money to spend on that sadly.

Fuck, one week more and I still without energy to simply do the things I like, to read and study what I want



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Been having some really good progress with work and housing which is really nice n anxiety inducing. Pretty sure I'm going to put an offer on a home soon. Annoying to deal with a lot of self doubt n worry since I seriously messed up my last attempt.

With my work continues at my current progression I should be able to pull off one of my most impressive mutual aid projects yet. Which is exciting to look forward towards.

For almost all the cheap houses I'm looking at they are in in vast majority black neighborhoods. Like a slightly over one percent white population. Nothing wrong with that but it will be a massive culture shock for me. Moving from an area so white that I have a decent amount of family members who are against interacting relationship.

So I bet my move will have me live in an area vastly different than what I'm used to so I will be able to learn and grow a lot. Which is cool.

Been smoking too much tbh. Still deciding if I want to limit my use or not bc I really like to smoke but shit is bad for u lol.

I've been starting to get pangs of loneliness as I've been in one of my anti social moods again. But still not enough that I feel like trying to make friends or hang out with people. Tho I think most of my social interactions being with people who I don't like that well or being bickering wit people on social media isn't probably the best. Tho I have no real desire to look for friends atm. Tho I think part of it is that it's really hard to find people I would actually like or who understand me. So I have to spend lots of time and effort to make friends and the friends being people who I wouldn't like to talk to is probably why my current anti social moods has been going on for so long.

I live doing the most anxiety inducing things possible all the time but dealing with all the anxiety all the time is rough. Lol


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I agree, tho I think the ancaps that are ambivalent to hierarchy rather than market socialist can often still be decent.

Like so many if the things anarchists r for such as indigenous sovereignty, anti war, less regulation to make it easier to do anarchist projects i.e. house and medicine, anti the government propping up capitalists. So in most cases the standard libertarian response "cool do your thing and I am extremely opposed to the government trying to stop u"

Sure it's not ideal but I can work with that mindset and get along with that. While I have many philosophical differences many Anarcho capitalists and their ideology pose far substantially less risk than other groups to my goals and are sometimes extremely helpful.


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Yes, but I'm saying that school is the biggest cause of people becoming school shooters. Without systems of control like school the amount of people who violently lash out at the system of control decreases. I'd say schools are a bigger factor in people becoming school shooters than the alt right.


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I would say most investing is far worse than just funding colonial projects. Becoming a shareholder of companies you become one of the many owners who orders the CEO to make the most profit regardless of what u do. Let's say investing in exon you are one of the many people who are the direct cause of the Iraq war due to you sending the order to make money no matter what. Exon CEO follows that order to get a fat bonus and decides to send lobbyists to drum up a war so exon can pump more oil.

Investing is being the cause of aom of the most horrible shit in the world like imperialism, sweat shops, war, climate change ect. With the minimization of causing such immense suffering due to diffusement of responsibility and so many other owners and only owning a small chunk.

I mostly invest in index funds of top US companies. I.e. betting that the US empire will continue to persist and will prop up massive companies. A very reliable and profitable bet yet a bet which is a small cause of the most horrific things in the world.


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Quite a few things mostly economic. Stock ownership, trying to make quite a bit of money to hoard so I can have an effective economic base for doing anarchy from, property ownership, open to buying foreclosures and running for profit business. Few other things but those r the big ones.

Im not a particularly big fan of the first two and quite appalled by the first one but it's a worthwhile to do regardless.


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Mood, I've been making some good progress on solving those same probs in my life. I would be happy to talk thru with u possibilities. For these kind of things saying what to do isn't super helpful. It will be based a lot on individual circumstances, abilities you have and position u r in.

Plus things I'm okay with doing are often times thins the average raddle user wouldn't want to do.