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And all the videos the comments say yeah if women say things that hurt my feelings it's great that men go arround assaulting them.

Idk most vegans act like meat eaters can jus be convinced with a good argument while I think most people are completely unable to think for themself. They just follow socially acceptable behavior and will not do anything socially acceptable.

Veganism won't be popular through goods idea. It will just be popular by making the masses of NPCs socially uncomfortable eating eat, because being vegan is perceived to be the norm. And like booty gets this. Which is cool.


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if the heads of state don't pay taxes why should we

This is kinda what I meant when I said this was a statement with leftist logic. So often the catch phrase of leftist is that working for a capitalist is bad because they steal from their workers by not paying them everything they produce. So the problem of hierarchy is its not fair or just. While i don't like being bossed arround no matter how fair.

So with the taxes its a argument of fairness. Taxes are wrong because they are unfair. While I don't care how fair they are. Rich people could have a 100 percent taxation rate and I wouldn't change my position on taxes. I don't care about fairness.

Tho I'm def over analyzing this when the meme is haha queen gets graffitied. Which is funny


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I think maybe I'm bad at explaing. But my contention is not that many people who identify as LatinX recierve racism or xenophobia. The contension is if they should overall be treated like most are just settler colonialists as most white people. So idk I'm trying to take about that but maybe it sounds like it's up for dispute if latines experience racism or xenophobia which I agree exists, is a problem that is fine to complain about. It's the whole settler colonialism History of this group which is important. Hence why history is important to bring up. Idk maybe I'm bad at explaing


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And then we have lots of bits in the history of the continent like "Monroe Doctrine" and the erase of native languages and cultures. If anything Latinx in the US should feel closer to Natives and African Americans

Yeah race in the US is pretty weird. Like usually radicalized groups don't share their critique to the global stage. Which I can't blame it much as black people has a rich history of promoting anti imperialism and the US government shut it all down so a ton of progress has been lost.


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I'm happy there is a more nuanced take on socialism as it helps in answering the thing that was puzzling me about it. I started this ask Raddle because when I try to plan out ways to do anarchy with other people the organization is psuedo socialist. and I don't think of any other methods which might be useful or recreate state dynamics.

It's always a concent based program where everyone making concensus based decision downs a equal part. Or are more just all petite burgeous individuals who consensually share whatever capital they have to do X project. Then After X project everyone takes their objects or whatever. And honestly the second one prob will have more hierarchical problems but the fist one is hard to find people who have the money to be partial owners.

So I guess I feel like I don't like socialism but anytime I wanna do a group activity which requires a larger amount of physical objects I always can't find anything better than consensus based socialism.


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It actually could be conceivable that the US could get funding. Just be anarchists in a war torn area with a sizable insurgency. They basically just find you so you kill their enemy and the US looses no resrouces and doesn't have to deal with diplomatic backlash of war.

So like getting funding isn't inconsivable for anarchists .


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No clue how many lectins it has. But almost all plants have them so it's likely they have some. So it just depends how you cook.

When I added some wheat (noodles)

While I don't think the average person should worry about wheat flour I don't really think it's a great thing to eat. I think it's always way better to just eat whole plant foods. So I don't really think eating flour based products is a great idea. Tho I think where are way more concerning things like sugar or milk. Wheat is more minor. But I think just processing and removing the less desirable parts of food is usually a bad. So hopefully I don't come across sounding like I think eating like noodles n stuff doesn't have problems.

My instinct is wheat is fucking gross and I don't see how anyone could think to eat it from looking at it growing wild. They're hard sharp, dry seeds that look like you'd choke to death trying to swallow them.

The taste of wheat kernels that aren't fully dry is way better. I wouldn't wanna eat a bowl of dry wheat but fresh stuff still with moisture would be tolerable. Idk people in the past eat a whole ton of stuff I would find gross. Wheat is prob one of the less strange culprits.

it was really hard for me to digest it.

Oh I believe that. Usually eliminating food then adding it back to diet is pretty hard.

And for rice I can see how u gain weight. Tho I don't really care about weight for health reasons tbh. Unless it's giving u a mobility problem I dont have much evidence to be concerned with weight. But if you're happy to be 70 instead of 100 I'm glad u are 70


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I don't find it appealing. He links 3 secondary sources. So I checked the evidence of said secondary sources. For the first one both sources werent working so I couldn't fact check.

For the second source of McDougal claims B12 is created in mouth and intestines. I check source and it only ever is produced in intestine so no evidence for mouth

And the third source claims a anatomy and physiology textbook from 1999 claims that B12 is absorbed in intestine. And get this then claims that almost everyone can't absorb B12 because if they consume even a little bit of mustard, onion or garlic they can't absorb B12 without advanced nutrients work to fix their intestines which just don't work if u eat a tsp of garlic.

And get this, the man who sited this absolute weirdo clearly didn't read it either since he advocates for eating garlic which literally claims he can't reabsorb B12 in intestine.

My bet is he eats nutritional yeast wit B12 synthetically added and doesn't know. Or is in an area where u can get B12 naturally due to dirty food prep.

So one source can't be verified the other maybe proves it but at the end still says taking a B12 supplement is a good idea. And the 3rd source which claims adaptt won't be able to absorb B12.

Idk I'd use wild sources of b12 and check levels oftwn or supplement. I have yet to see any reliable ways to prevent B12 deficiency without supplements. As I have yet to find evidence that B12 in intestines is absorbed enough to be enough and have no evidence it's made in the mouth either. And from random foods is too unreliable for me to advocate for.


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Most of the time grocery stores only sell sliced bread where I live. Plus if the do sell bread it's way overpriced compared to oats or rice.

Pasta because I can get way more nutrients from oats for a cheaper price that takes way less time to make. And I don't really like making pasta recipies.

You live in France what Americans eat as bread doesn't even classify as the same food lol

Actually funnily enough the most common kind of bread in the US contains a chemical dangerous enough it's based in the European union. Lol


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No you misunderstand me. I thought it was a really funny premise that I enjoyed and wasn't upset or cared if you replied. it's a very funny nihilistic anti intellectual situation I don't think of that was neat.

I mostly clacker my tongue because I like having reasons to read scientific papers and talk about scientific jargon. Of you don't want to read it I couldn't care less.


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Damn I just got a scathing anarchist burn. It's kinda embarrassing how I got out anarchied into being the incel in a incel vs Chad meme.

Chad: X is true

Incel: source please

Chad: give source

Incel: here is my well through rebuttal with proper citation it took me hours of research. Pushes up glasses

Chad: idk I just had a feeling that it was true.then when u asked for a source I just gave you the fist result of google I didn't bother to read

Very funny but also kinda embarrassing lol


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Omg ziq the source is hillarious. I found the origina source. It's literally a homeschool blog of a Christian mom who sells books like "how to biblically teach your children sex Ed" and has other fantastic nutrition advice on why lard is a health food and how Americans are actually not eating enough salt.

Your source literally think Americans don't eat enough hamburgers lol. I presume you read some thing else and just found a source that says similar things. So I'm not really criticizing. Just thought it was funny.

Plus another less sus website stole the article so ziq could have never gone on the christian mom site. Sometimes citing weirdos just happens so it's not big deal. Other than being funny to imagine ziq reading American conservative blogs in their free time.



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most of the time bad nutrition advice in annoying. But this science is so horrible its actually hillarious. Which i don't blame people for because the argument makes sense on the surface and does have some decent points supporting a bad conclusion.

First off lectins. They are a antioxidant and one of the strongest phytochemicals in fighting cancer. But here is the think. Lectins are destroyed by many processing methods, boiling, fermenting, roasting and removing outer layer which contains most or all lectins. So something like white bread would have almost no lectins. The lectins in pasta almost certainly become null and voice like beans which after 10 minutes of boiling removes all lectins or makes all innactive. So the only sources of lectin you need to worry about is like eating raw wheat or types of whole wheat with minimal cooking.

But here is the even funnier part. Not having lectins is bad. For one lectins have been shown when put on a petri dish to destroy or revert colon cancer cells into regular cells. While leaving healthy cells. In addition to bein a great antioxidant. So then why does it cause leaky gut? Well why is it making a hole? Lectins don't bother healthy cells but they do kill cancer cells. Well that makes sense, in stool samples a test can be done to tell if you have intestinal or colon cancer. If lectins are clumped in the stool. Because in people without the early stages of cancer the lectins do not clump to attack cells. But if you have cancer the lectins clump.

So this complaint about the dangers of lectins is that they are literally removing cancer from your body which causes a whole hence leaky gut. Getting temporarly leak gut so I don't get intestinal or colon cancer is a great trade off in my opinion. But here is the thing you don't have to choose. We have to ask a question why is it so easy to create a whole in the intestines in the first place?

Because the standard american diet is horrible. Processed foods and meat consumption feed negative gut bacteria and muscles out healthy gut bacteria which is highly associated with reducing zonulin levels and strengthening the walls of intestines. So if people just ate a diet of whole plant foods to begin with they would have a way lower risk of getting leaky gut from lectins killing cancer. Not to mention if they eat a diet with a moderate amount of lectins they would be less likely to get the cancer in the first place.

See lectins are a antioxidant. They counter oxidative stress. Oxidative stress attacks cells.So increases the aging of cells. And everytime a new cell is made it has a chance of mutating into cancer. So preventing cell death reduces chances of cancer in the first place. So this issue with lectins is that people allready sick eat them and then get the negative effects because their body is in terrible shape and killing cancer in a sick body without negative health effects is difficult.

But guess what wheat is actually not great in this regard because of its low bioavailability of lectins. The most bioavilable ways to get lectins are raw foods. So while many fruits and vegatables are lower the lectins don't get destroyed like most sources of wheat. Hence more available lectins. So if you are really concerned about lectins the real concern is fruits and veggies and eating raw seeds and nuts. Stuff like eating raw peas out of your garden is going to be way way higher in lectins since peas are high in lectins and uncooked. Other sources of so called unhealthy foods due to lectins are all nightshade foods, most gourds and their seeds, sunflower seeds, many fruits like melons, bananas, zuccini, cucumbers, green beans, most grains like oats, rice, corn, qinoa and several kinds of nuts and seeds. So if you are going down the list for lectin risk to remove wheat is way donw there. But you wouldn't wanna do that because lectins in a healthy body are extremely effective at preventing disease. And are still a great trade off if you get leaky gut. Because many foods high in lectins will cure leaky gut.

Actually looking up this argument it almost allways leads to websites encouraging their readers to ditch most fruits, vegtables, seeds, nuts and legumes to eat health foods like white rice, big macks (without the bread) and drink milk. Not that you were arguing but those just made everything even more funny.

I won't speak on celiac disease since I don't know anything. Though i will say the concept that its wheat that causes zonulin is only kinda true. Eating a diet low in fiber and high in animal products is correlated with a terrible gut microbiomoe which has a weak gut. So wheat which is almost always eaten in a processed form not whole is related but not even close to the sole cause. So I kinda agree but its a little misleading. Whole grains including wheat are actually associated with less zonalin due to increased fiber intake and other stuff in whole foods that is beneficial to microbiome. But most sources of wheat don't do this.

So for the first points its basically lectins bad because they kill my cancer and temporarily give me leaky gut due to me not eating enough whole foods and fruits and veg. And wheat aren't even a good source of bio available lectin.

Now phytates is slightly more reasonable. Phytates too are strong antioxidates and can revert some cancer cells its in contact with. So like lectins they are very beneficial. Though in practice they have more cons. Phytates are in almost all good sources of calories for vegans. From seeds, nuts, legumes and whole grains. So like its not just wheat is all colorie sources on a vegan diet if you don't wanna go fruitarian. By testing vegans average nutrient deficiencies we can see if eating lots of phytates at every meal which is common for vegans causes a risk.

Well the common defeciencies are b12, D, zinc, iron and calcium. Which the last three are harder to absorb due to phytates. But this problem isn't solved by vegans getting rid of wheat. As all legumes, most whole grains, most seeds and most nuts have lots of phytates. So the only way to prevent massive calorie deficite would be animal prodcuts. Which is an incredibly silly thing to do as the problems of eating that is way worse than amenia or lack of calcium. So its not really wheat is almost all vegan calorie sources that is the problem with phytates.

And for those who have a iron or calcium deficiency you have to work out a system to just get those nutrients in a special way. Which just circumvents the problem while leaving you with all those great phytates which I might add revert cancer and are extremely protective anti oxidant.

Its very silly logic overall that makes no sense if you know more than the basics. Literally complaining about the risks of eating antioxidants and anticancer agents because of relatively minor problems to the benefits. Like advocating for smoking because it prevents auto immune flareups.

I use dr gregor as a useful link agregator for studies. If you are reviewing if I'm just making shit up his summaries could be helpful.

https://nutritionfacts.org/2021/03/11/are-lectins-in-food-good-or-bad-for-you/ https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-to-heal-a-leaky-gut-with-diet/

This has most of the info on lectins


deficiencies of vegans


compilation of studies on phytates risks and attack on cancer.


benefits of anti oxidants and why oxidative stress can cause harm

I added a little bit from just knowledge off the top of my head from knowing biology that is not cited.

Fun fact, I wrote this one time then when I went to copy the links from studies my browser just like cleared the text box so I wrote this twice haha.

Funnily enough I thought about writting my interpretation of the bigu diet in taoism. Which is extremely against eating wheat. And I had a not literal interpretation of it since I don't think wheat is bad.


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Ziq!!!! You can't call it the left. That's a scary term. You gotta use European capitalism!!! If you fixed that and removed the hamm n sickle the picture on the left would be the ideal reddit movement. I mean who wouldn't want laws? /s

Edit: I accidentally said swastika when I meant hammer and sickle. but like in my mind these two symbols mean basically the same thing. Kinda told on myself


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Reply to comment by tubers in Is Raddle an affinity group? by Majrelende

Plus at this point the chance of a FBI official not at least browsing Raddle is incredibly low. A popular onion sink link agregarte threw Raddle in with basically a list mostly for selling drugs and doing hacking. And monitoring said websites are FBI procedure. So now they are on list that the FBI almost certainly checks in on.

This can't possible be an affinity group because the FBI literally is a part of it lol.