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Dog, I've spent hundred of hours with cattle. Its not critical thinking to rule out what u have been taught, what I have done and experienced and red bc some Redditor told me I was wrong with no sources.


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The above is how I'd like to see them go out because of the way we bred cows to have painfully large udders they're more likely to get mastitis infection and die, so sometimes milking will be necessary.

U can't b vegan and want to milk cows. This is just wanting to own cows and ur slaves but in an uwu nice way. They don't need to be milked bc one the milk comes out even if u don't milk the and the fucking caves drink it dipshit.

So we can't even let them roam far in fully wild habitat with wolves around without having to train dogs to save most of them with big spikes round their neck, so some calves, wolves and dogs would still be getting killed for dumb reasons.

Oh fuck off. The criticism I gave above is even more true and this is an even more bullshit argument. Fucking uwu I'm so nice snowflakes who pretend to be anti oppression but in reality just Wana be oppressors in a uwu nice may. Own the fuck up shit u wanna do or don't advocate slavery. At least u won't be a fucking coward who can't even admit to themself their I tentions. Fucking snowflakes who can't accept reality I swear.

Towards the very end there will be a burden put on animal sanctuaries to take in lots of animals and for governments to write laws to say the farmer has to turn their farm into a sanctuary to save the few remaining animals, like how there is a burden put on rescuers today with some battery farmed chickens allowed to be rescued after their egg laying numbers drop, while others get killed for pet food, to save the farmer the bother of transporting them to slaughter and sometimes not cutting even.

Animals sanctuaries fucking make me sick. U don't like the consequences of animals not being humans property but u also don't want the consequences of them being free so u gotta create an elaborate plot to keep them ur slaves and deprive them of their freedom to follow their dreams. Fucking nasty liberals I swear


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I'm not really stuck tbh, I can just leave and stop at any time but I more don't want to as the personal loss I will feel to do anarchy is so great that its no longer something I want. If anarchy would make my life shit so I choose not to do it even though I pretty easily could I'm not really an anarchist and I think such a label would be silly to cling to. Plus I'm not really seeking to leave or have an exit plan and trying to build one and then trying to live in the present and wait for a better future is so fuck off painful I can't emotionally do that. hence why I will spend my time enjoying being a brutal authoritarian. I'm not obligated to do anything as I'm not dependent on my needs from anything solely. So I can just leave but I choose not to. Its not a question of being unable to stop its more I can stop at any time but don't really have the will or desire to anymore.I think u wouldn't be so nice if u had an idea of the stuff I do all day and how little remorse I have.

Also I'm not really being hard on myself. I'm just stating reality plus I don't value being a good person so being an absolute shit head doesn't make me feel bad. I do feel bad about the social consequences of being a violent mass killer as it negatively effects me but its not like I had friends or anyone who really gives a shit aobut me anyway so its no real loss. Just loss of potential to have friends without openly hiding what I do with like all my time.

Also sure its a job but like we are talking on call, almost everyday coming multiple times a day and sometimes just being at work (working and on break like 10-14 hours). Its a lifestyle that I have watched for my whole life and it does little but cause mass destruction and despair to everyone arround u. And I'm skipping right into it bc tbh, trying to fight for a better world was kinda a waste bc idk, I tried my hardest to make something different for 3 years and I have mad no progress and I"m right back to what has been destined. Damn, talk about a tough guy edge lord jesus lol


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nah because all those things is just choosing to be ruled more (dear leader, the populous, police chief and millitary generals respectively). But like this isn't a suprise I"ve spent plenty of time on this site on the benefits of stock ownership (i.e. profiting from owning companies that do stuff like drill oil, build bombs for US millitary and slavery ect). I think its a poor idea now ovi but like for self interested reasons rather than virtuous ones.


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idk, I am someone who does things and is motivated and does things for completely different things than u. So idk, u seem to be assuming I'm upset or want to change when the reality is I don't actually care too much and don't really have a problem doing the unidealistic thing if it benefits me. I've been pretty open that I don't care about being nice, being ethical and mostly am just looking out for myself. So it should be no real surprise that I step back from anarchy when in a situation where doing anarchy would be something that makes my life worse for some other purpose such as virtue or ethics or whatever


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oh also, if like a single person feels upset or uncomfortable about me being around Ill fuck off. This isn't really my space anymore I don't think. Tho, idk, I still kinda wanna stick around just bc thats what I'm used to.

God, what the fuck happened to my life? I never expected for it to be like this. Shit


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if you can't work on veganism, how do I know you can work on revolution?"

Yeah basically.

For clarity on the reasoning behind my post. It's the summer and being stuck doing farm labor is like about as close as I can get to the emotional resiliency of for example the typical guerillas day in the life. And I wasn't really talking about ability but emotional strength. Getting shot at and killing people is one major thing but even just the concept u constantly have to move and u would just have to constantly tech for miles no matter how hot or how cold. Sometimes not being able to sleep bc the enemy is coming or running out of food and having to hike for miles and days without food ect.

Being able to practically do stuff is one but the emotional ability is another. Pushing yourself to work and work when it's hot af outside is really hard. And I had a thought to myself. I'm managing this quite well and not super concerned but shit not that I would wanna fight in a war but Im still couldn't handle the emotional trials of war despite having had times working like 80 hour weeks of manual labor in the blistering hot sun which included fighting. That shit just breaks me. 30 or 40 or manageable but fuck if I can't even take all that war would be something I'm not even close to emotionally strong enough to deal with.

Then along that thought I just of all the revolutionaries who are gonna fight capitalism but wine on Reddit about how hard it is to be vegan. Like the lack of perspective is ridiculous. If u cant handle the emotional trials of not eating cheese u r so so so far away from being able to handle even the non co.batjve aspects of being an insurgent. It's just a massive lack of perspective I wanted to poke fun at.

And I'm not really questioning it I'm more making a statement of fact. If someone cant handle the relatively miniscule emotional distress of becoming vegan they will not be able to emotionally handle being a soldier full stop. Plus if they don't have the material status to eat vegan they almost certainly don't have the resources to fight the government. War is expensive as hell.

I just like taking any chance I can get to absolutely demolish the idea of anarchist insurrection or revolution bc I don't like it ideologically, practically and I have yet to talk to someone who advocated for it who even had a ounce of idea about what doing what they suggest would be like. So U just take every chance I can get to make advocating insurrection to be uncool and make people look bad for suggesting it.

Basically u get it. I think u can do a lotta anarchy and not b vegan. But anyone who is emotionally ready to fight a war would have no problem being vegan basically.


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how lol. Its just a true statement, if you are so powerless u cant go to a grocery store and buy and cook food you are not even like 5% close to being capable of fighting in a war. Bc its basic logic that cooking vegan food is way way easier than fucking killing cops and the army. And its funny af to make fun of people pretending they can be a soldier when they can't even cook food.