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the whole of the state mostly does not rely on it

idk about that. as far as i’m concerned police violence is still terrifyingly prominent.

Transnational capitalists only care about borders for when it comes to control/explpitation of the workforce.

borders are ok when they’re for capitalism?


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for school i don’t take that many notes as i can’t really listen and do that at the same time.

for anarchist literature i considered taking notes but felt like it might unnecessarily confine me to ideas when i suppose i’m trying to be less rigid in my thinking and ideas i really like usually stay in my head anyway.

i’ve also kept a diary on and off since i was 7. i think it’s been good for helping me process each day in a fast-paced world. not sure if i’d have time to do it now as last time i did it i was writing like 8 pages a day but i’ve been thinking about doing it again recently.


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police violence is usually deterrent, or at least confined to specific groups

how is police violence that’s mostly “confined to specific groups” not coercive?

These weren't "free markets" but a merger of state and big business power

i think that’s what the article i linked meant when it said it combined “free markets” with central planning because big business power is what “free markets” mean really. but like i said, i think a state-controlled economy is just as tyrannical as “free market” capitalism.

and transnationalism is just nationalism that focuses on more than one nation to me. if you support nations you’re supporting borders because they’re completely inseparable.


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the only sacred duty you have is whatever allows you to love (your) God, love yourself, and love others.

i don’t think having any sacred duty is very egoist.


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it's base notions (like transnationalism

that’s just another flavour of nationalism to me.

big business-driven bureaucracies

nazi germany had elements of market capitalism too and that’s just as tyrannical as having everything state-run i think.

supporting ethnic & cultural diversity

that’s apparently what libs do but that doesn’t stop them from having racist ideologies. look at biden’s support for the israeli apartheid.

secular and democratic governance

a governance is still a governance.

any government is majorly coercive so i don’t think calling it fascist is really trivialising fascism.


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because i’m autistic i kind of struggle with interoception which is basically your awareness of internal sensations like hunger, thirst, tiredness etc so i’m never really sure how much i need to eat. idk if that’s what’s happening for you though.