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99% of porn on the internet is produced via exploitation, those random clips on xxxtube that all these tankiebros jerk off to were not made in some kind of fantasy non-hierarchical pro-sex work porn cooperative. Much of the porn on the internet was filmed without consent. I have no problem with ethically produced porn, but from what I've seen, that's pretty rare in the actual porn ecosystem. I have no patience for these straight cis guy 'radicals' who get triggered when people call out their habit for blind consumption of porn.


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It's not helpful to use moralistic language. If you want to critique big pharma, you need to understand its history, its context, its relationship with the state, with science, how it reproduces itself, etc. I would begin by reading a history of modern medicine.


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Helping the people in your immediate sphere of influence, educating yourself and others, caring for yourself, maintaining proper boundaries in all relationships, write down a list of things you care about, keep all your goals small and manageable.