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Thank you so much for making all my points for me. As soon as a Marxist comes along and tries to engage you all in intelligent debate, you go straight for the jugular, try to abuse us into silence because you know you can't possibly debate us in earnest without actual theory behind you. Pathetic.

Is it so hard to understand that a society requires certain mechanisms to function and securing those mechanisms for the people has to take precedent over coddling counter-revolutionary reactionaries that are actively trying to destroy those very mechanisms and push us back to the dark ages?

Fuck anarchists, you're all pathetic spoiled teenagers that couldn't lead a revolution if your sad middle class lives depended on it.


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nobody thinks anarcho-capitalists exist around here, you just know so little about anarchism and leftism that you think that's what pop was saying

Oh really?

This is how one of your members describes anarchism:

The way I view anarchism is a loose association of business owners that cooperate when we have common interests but compete with each other when we don't (so the free market isn't compromised).

I think it's clear that this site has even more of a reactionary element than normal anarchist sites.


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By supporting imperialist protesters against a socialist state, you're only impeding the people's revolution. These protesters wave US and UK flags, they wish for a return to the British monarchy, they sing imperialist national anthems, they spread Sinophobia and capitalist propaganda. They are reactionary to their bones.

Don't do the CIA's job for them.


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As a communist, I of course don't support the police of a capitalist state, but that doesn't mean to say I would like to see the state property set on fire and destroyed. As I've alluded to in another conversation, we need infrastructure in order to create a functioning communist society. Destroying infrastructure wouldn't serve the people, it would only set us back.


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A revolution can't succeed as long as the struggle is thwarted by reactionary elements within the working class. Would you allow a wolf to sleep with your flock? It's exactly the same situation as with counter-revolutionaries. To pretend that we are on the same side when the anarchists are actively working to sabotage the revolution would be a grave mistake. We are comrades during the education process, but not during the revolution, when you become the greatest impediment to our efforts.


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This kind of dismissive elitism without any actual critique behind it is a good example of the thoughtless sabotage I'm talking about. It's just like your edgy graffiti and empty slogans, it shows no understanding of anti-capitalist theory beyond surface-level aesthetics.


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Comrade, you're confusing Marxist critiques of anarchist ideology with hostility and rumors. Communists don't need to tell lies or engage in petty personal attacks as we have all the theory on our side. We can expose anarchist ideology scientifically and without lowering ourselves to the level of juveniles.


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If you're so disgusted by the left, then I think even anarchists would want nothing to do with you. I'd rather debate with a leftist, but I'll at least answer one of your questions in the meanwhile since it's relevant to non-capitalist anarchists. Please be aware that every time I refer to anarchists, I don't mean anarcho-capitalists, who I don't even consider worth the time of day.

Idealistic? In what sense?

Within Marxist thought, it's acknowledged that anarchism actively seeks to defeat the revolution by undermining and sabotaging all attempts to build common infrastructure for the new communist society, starting with the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

Anarchists undermine all our efforts at centralization and we know the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is necessary as the first building block to form all the infrastructure that will develop post-capitalist society cohesively and unite the workers under a common goal. Without this cohesion, the progression of communism simply cannot happen. We need to put the centralized infrastructure in place in order to build the foundations for communism. It is a slow but deliberate process that will take several generations to actualize. Anarchists take a jackhammer to these foundations and try to destroy all progress communists make towards a revolutionary society.

Marxists believe that anarchism therefore stands in the way of progress, and strives to prevent the workers from uniting in causes on a scope larger than a single detached community. Anarchism is also unable to prevent hostile invasions as it isolates its adherents from the wider global worker-base. History has demonstrated this is true literally every time. Anarchist communities collapse in ruins almost immediately due to both internal and external pressures, whilst communist societies such as the USSR, DPRK, PRC, Cuba and more thrive for decades.

Anarchism therefore has a consistent tendency to revert to the previous, reactionary social system.

For example, if a left anarchist established an anarchist community and a group of you ancaps wanted to form a new Feudal society within it, there is nothing to stop you from doing so and then enslaving all the left communists.

In theory, left anarchist communities could unite under the presence of such a threat in order to defeat it, but history shows us the reality is anarchists don't work very well with themselves or others due to their individualist inclinations. Anarchists are unable to act as a cohesive unit the way communists do and end up throwing in the towel and accepting co-option by reactionaries and imperialists when they see how impossible it is for anarchism to work on a wide-scale.

Anarchists are opposed to Marxism due to our desire for a temporary State and Marxists reject the infantile folly that is Anarchism for its refusal to accept an established infrastructure that unites the workers and allows us all to work towards the common goal of communism.

I believe that every left anarchist can be converted to communism once they are successfully educated in Marxist theory, but the problem lies is the uneducated anarchists seeding chaos and destruction, dividing the left and standing in the way of progress during crucial crunch times leading up to the revolution.

In such times there's no other alternative but to treat the anarchists the same way we would treat other reactionaries who seek to damage the revolution and revert society to its previous capitalist form.

So to summarize, I believe in left unity up to an extent. There are times for education and there are times for revolution. If the anarchists who are not yet educated are standing in the way of the revolution, then they unfortunately need to be dealt with decisively.


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Comrades you need to stop romanticizing the Kurdish "Rojava" project....

The Middle East has a history of partition by imperialist forces to create increasingly fragmented states designed to reroute the flow of oil to the West. Balkanized states are extremely destabilizing geopolitically and lead to immense population transfers. Palestinian refugees displaced to Syria, Syrians to Lebanon and Jordan, Iraqis to Syria. Millions of Arabs spread all over the world in diaspora due to imperialist forces.

In 2016 the SAA and the YPG fought the destructive Battle of Hasakah. Hasakah is a strategic city in the northeast of Syria. He who controls the city, gains control of NE agricultural and oil fields. The SAA lost Hasakah to imperialist YPG only because of Pentagon air support to YPG. The imperialist YPG didn't win the fields from ISIS. Imperialist YPG were given the fields taken by the US from Syria, so they could in turn redirect the looted oil to the US economy.

Those oil fields are now central to the wheat wars between Rojava and Syria as well as oil dealing to Egypt, Israel, Saudi and the U.S. Imperialist Rojava is simply an arm of the US state, designed to plunder president Assad's rightful property.

For two years there has been evidence of population transfers in imperialist Rojava. The Battle of Raqqa has had the biggest impact on the deArabization of these lands. Imperialist Rojava has been systemically ethnically cleansing Arabs to artifically construct a Kurdish ethnostate on Syria's land.

The Rojava NE shares a border with Iraqi Kurdistan. There's a good chance that US bases in NE will now be used to wage war on Iran, creating further instability, state-fragmentation and looting more oil for the US and its allies.

It's time for anarchists to stop supporting imperialist Rojava. The partition and balkanization of the middle East makes our world unsafer by fueling the rise of terrorism, is disastrous for the Arabs who are removed from their land and only benefits imperial interest which profit from these oil wars. Eveyone that speaks positively of the imperialist Rojava "revolution" is aiding imperialism, genocide, racism and the march of capitalism.