leftous wrote (edited )

People have a right to know how many times you've done this exact shit. Why don't you disclose it to them?

You said you only did it to increase activity, but that is a lie since you did this for years on Reddit. You have serious problems, and I gave you several chances to figure your shit out. But it looks like this was all for nothing since you're still intent on being deceptive, manipulative, and just shit overall. It is beyond disappointing.

(And btw I see your multiple accounts being created and heavily voting on comment posts. Lmao)


leftous wrote (edited by a moderator )

My positions have entirely been about resisting the toxic influence of a manipulative troll. I thought it would be possible, but ziq has shown 0 intention to seriously change and many people here still don't realize ziq has a very long track record of doing this exact shit.

Unless there is someway ziq/defasher/etc. gets help, or if somehow someone else takes over ownership of the domain and server, this project is done. There is no way to move forward with Raddle with ziq involved.

My only suggestion is reorganizing elsewhere. You can remove me as admin.

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leftous wrote

Not sure what's going on, and I'm really sick of the bullshit going on here.

I would be willing to help with funds, my only problem is having my ID attached to anything since things are getting pretty surveillance state-ish where I live. Might make sense to regroup on reddit or mastadon, then figure something out, I guess.


leftous wrote (edited )

It was confirmed as ziq, they were just trolling as usual.

The issue now is that if they doesnt believe in this project anymore, we probably need to find an alternative since they still own everything. >_>