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Oh not at all, you can use it for other applications but the script would need to be altered to suit your needs.

Emma explains the format of the data being submitted to the php script here:


In this case, the script only handles new submissions and formats the data into a $text variable, then sends a POST request to the bot with some other bot data.

You can format the data any way you want and post it to any server you want, it would work the same.


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Follow the instructions in the archive link.

The setup is pretty straight forward, I did it on /f/readingclub/webhooks initially. websub.txt should be changed to websub.php...

To do it: First go to t2bots site, invite the bot, send the !webhook command, change the parameters in the websub.php file using the URL provided and whatever image you want to use. Upload the php script on your server

Then you just go on the forum you want/webhooks, post the url to the script with the password/secret token, and the bridge should work.


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I'm not sure I've read any essay in particular, but some ideas for arguments:

  • The lack of money artists see from the most popular distributors (spotify, Google, iTunes, youtube, etc) and record labels. Piracy does almost no damage to them and can infact win them fans that will go to concerts, shows, or buy directly from them where artists will receive more direct benefits.

  • Cases where piracy has been an effective marketing tool, or franchises that would have failed without mass piracy

  • Use the benefits of open source or free software (e.g. Linux, etc) in advancing technology and improving society as an analogy for how intellectual property/IP is not necessarily a good thing, how opening up IP could be beneficial, and how copyright can hinder art the same way closed sourced unfree software hinders technology

  • There is quite a lot of material from liberals/libertarians on the anti intellectual property side of the debate, if you're willing to argue on capitalistic terms and make the connection between IP and copyright. James Boyle/Public Domain is a source I've seen recommended on this topic http://www.thepublicdomain.org/download/


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Refers to the Forgotten soldiers

When Europe went to war the so-called ‘great powers’ took their colonial subjects with them. Hundreds of millions of people in Asia, Africa and the Pacific were dragged into the conflict with no say in the matter. France mobilized her colonial armies immediately and men from West Africa and North Africa were thrust into in action within days of the start of the war.

French recruitment of West Africans was governed by racial theories that suggested that some Africans were naturally warlike and naturally violent and should, therefore, be used as shock troops, units that took part in the most dangerous aspects of offensive operations and suffered the highest casualty rates.