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Anti-work means attack! Locate the invisibilized work and kill it!

Not sure I agree with it, but good thought-provoking essay. I like how anti-civ anarchists like Perlman and Clastres frame the imposition of the work ethic on pre-civ people by the civilizers.

But none of them ever worked. And everyone knows it. The armored Christians who later “discovered” these communities knew that these people did no work, and this knowledge grated on Christian nerves, it rankled, it caused cadavers to peep out. The Christians spoke of women who did “lurid dances” in their fields instead of confining themselves to chores; they said hunters did a lot of devilish “hocus pocus” before actually drawing the bowstring.

These Christians, early time-and-motion engineers, couldn’t tell when play ended and work began. Long familiar with the chores of zeks, the Christians were repelled by the lurid and devilish heathen who pretended that the Curse of Labor had not fallen on them. The Christians put a quick end to the “hocus pocus” and the dances, and saw to it that none could fail to distinguish work from play.

  • Perlman

There's something too Garden of Eden / fall from grace about it, but at the same time I want a new way of talking about these issues without affirming the world of work, without falling back on economics and the European death machine. Play is one way that people have written about it, but maybe that's too positive for the true drudge-work. Anti-work might be too reactionary a position in the end, but for now I'll take it over a pro-work one. Maybe there can't be a new concept until we've already left this world behind for a world of connectedness, spirits, demons, ancestors, and place.


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Couldn't agree more with celebratedrecluse, the appeal of history is storytelling, not fact or predictive power. What I love is the stories of all the great failures, the individuals who failed spectacularly in their mission to destroy this world.


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I've lost all motivation for the rest of this school term. Fearing that my summer term will be fucked up too and that maybe I should delay it until fall.

I'm going to need to find some clippers soon and learn to give myself a haircut. Stores feel pretty dystopian right now tho, not looking forward to going back out there.


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I don't think there's any debate that the wet markets in China do have animals like bats that people eat. Whether that is the cause of the virus or not isn't totally confirmed. The meme seems pretty innocent to me (if we don't just assume racist judgement about foreign eating habits.)