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You can dislike whatever. I think calling Brooklyn 99 propaganda for cops is like calling The Sopranos propaganda for gangsters. Police corruption & discrimination are common themes in the show, there's no way you can walk away from the show thinking that the police are a positive force on society. The protagonists of the show are on a liberal island.

They are the exception in the police system and frequently have that as a point of conflict. The show is definitely not something like Law & Order or NCIS where the police is portrayed as the corrective force of society.


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Why do you have to buy units? Even "recruiting" implies some form of power dynamic where you're only helping to get manpower. Really if you want anarchist themes, the villages need to be a complete symbiotic relationship. So it has to be equal the village has people willing to fight, but they also want a seat at the table.

Having a village join you shouldn't feel like a new piece of conquered land it should feel like you've formed a new nation. You shouldn't be able to take every village into your "nation". It should be like in Paradox games where you can only be directly involved so much, and after new villages join their own "nation" that will help you because they believe in the cause but they are way more autonomous, like a federation.


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You're right, and Medium's system would help a lot more towards that goal providing a lot of tools to help share writing with others. Which aren't provided by really any templates, and those tools are actively maintained by a capitalist corporation that wants to be to be the top of search results. Wordpress or Google don't care to make the individual experience of their user's blogs good, they have other more lucrative income sources.