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Not an odd question. I've thought about this before with my own child. As a kid, my parents stopped ordering me to bed around 7? They simply asked me to spend the rest of the evening in my room after 10pm so they could have some time to themselves. I suspect I'll do the same thing. Better to give the child as much control as possible over their own life.


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Pay attention to the rules on the right hand side of this page: Reverse racism isn't a thing/ Don't quote 'facts' to 'prove' that poc are somehow bad.

Unless you are specifically trying to (sarcastically) demonstrate exactly what the "epistemologies of ignorance" are...

Charles Mills says it best here about white ignorance:

"White ignorance . . . It’s a big subject. How much time do you have? It’s not enough. Ignorance is usually thought of as the passive obverse to knowledge, the darkness retreating before the spread of Enlightenment. But . . . Imagine an ignorance that resists. Imagine an ignorance that fights back. Imagine an ignorance militant, aggressive, not to be intimidated, an ignorance that is active, dynamic, that refuses to go quietly— not at all confined to the illiterate and uneducated but propagated at the highest levels of the land, indeed presenting itself unblushingly as knowledge."