kurtzie wrote

I ordered a golf magnet from aliexpress so i went to a nearby mall to try it. I lifted a jacket from adidas and walked out of the store with it. I saw a friend and talked to him for a couple of minutes then said goodbye and left the place. While i was near the exit an employee from the store came up to me and asked me if i took something that wasn't mine and i said no and he asked to search my bag and i refused. He then threatened to call the mall security and i replied by calmly saying "ok" and started walking towards the exit and got away from the mall as fast as i could. My bike was still near the mall so i asked a friend to retrieve it because i didn't want to go back. While my friend was getting my bike a security guard that was near the bike asked him if the bike was his. I escaped but my gym is in the mall and i hang out in the mall quite a bit. An employee said he saw me on camera enter the dressing room with an item but exit without it. Can the police charge me? If i go back in 9 days will that be dangerous? (Sorry if this is incorrect i tried my best to try and decipher what he was saying and I'm a bit rushed so i didn't worry too much about grammar)