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I would have approached it slightly different.

Something like (just an example, syntax is wrong)

X = 0
pyautogui.password("are you a moose?")
If answer = true then
X = 1
pyautogui.alert("wrong try, again")
End if
Loop until X = 1

Repeat for each question

You could also do stuff with an array or some lists to contain it all in the one loop, but I don't know the syntax well enough to write it off the top of my head.


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Don't worry, soon enough they'll start giving incentives to come live in their pods.

So they can rent out your unused synapses, for distributed computing.


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I don't really actually have an interest to continue this, since I wasn't really defending them, just discussing perspectives. I probably should have been more clear from the start.

But, I propose the question, why is Feminism more sacred than Anarchism to you?


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All anarchists are radically democratic and those that aren't are called ancaps

An-caps support democracy, what are you talking about, Right-Populism is a core tenet of An-caps philosophy. You're not really providing a strong argument.

Except that anarchists have always supported radical democracy

If you can provide some sort proof, that would be great, and I don't mean this article, it's not a good article.


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Do you think we don't know history?

That's exactly what China did, experimented with various levels of control in different parts of the country, til they found what worked, and brutally enslaved those that didn't work towards "Harmonious Society". Testing soft power and hard power, to get the balance of corruption working for the right people.

They're the shining beacon of Socialism 🙉

If there is a "transitional state" it will be Libertarian in nature, decentralizing power, before total dissolution.

Quack 🦆


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I was actually thinking more of those that go beyond this. Not as a way to defend them, but more as talking against a sacred "feminism".

Much like tru-scum, are really trans, just too bought into the system, where they're defending a sacred "trans". "You're not trans since you haven't been through the same things I have"

The TERF, is really a "feminist", where feminist is an identity for them, they're defending a sacred "woman". "Your womenhood is not the same as mine, so you can't be a woman too".

As such, they are "feminists" since they build their identity around this word, to the point that they become zealots, unable to accept change.


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Yes, but they're not Misogynistic.

I wasn't defending them, just explaining that the argument wasn't all encompassing.

They think they're feminists, their definition of Women is just poorly thought out.


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Woo, Cory appreciation time!

I probably post links to Immediatism enough that people might think I'm involved with the podcast somehow.

I don't think I would have come quite so far down, the rabbit hole without your work. It is very much appreciated by me.


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They called themselves TERFs, then got angry when people started calling them that as an insult.

A lot of real TERFs are man hating lesbians so it depends on your definition of "feminism" it does get thrown around a bit too much though.

Edit: I was focused on the word "Misogynist".


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They get worse if you go back a few days in their posts.

They literally say US is libertarian socialist.

The argument that coercive hierarchies have increased human freedom is simply beyond the scope of our ability to assess, but cannot be ruled out.

We have collective sovereignty in the US, which means that all land (and attached structures such as buildings, factories and machines!) is held collectively.

We have a right to some portion of everything that is produced in the country, we just have to take it. We could leave almost everything else alone and just build a true Universal Basic Income