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I think this is a debate over semantics more than substance, where "pro-democracy" anarchists are using a different definition of democracy than "anti-democracy" anarchists, but maybe I'm wrong. The truth is that democracy signifies lots of mutually exclusive things, as Orwell pointed out, so it's better to talk about specifics than big abstract words with different meanings to everyone.


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I slept several times in Union Station, where I was constantly told I had to leave, but would often find a place to hide, usually in the doorways which were still extremely cold, and talk to other homeless people. Union Station is right across the street from Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, members of Congress sleep in their offices, again, right across the street from where homeless people are trying to find shelter. Oh, also, a homeless encampment near Union Station was torn up by police, all the tents ripped up, etc..

When I got off the street, under less-than-ideal circumstances, I read soon after about the newly Republican-controlled Congress cutting funding for LGBT homeless youth. There already wasn't enough.

Being homeless was unbelievably dehumanizing, and things like this just rub salt in the wound.


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fucking SJWs are ruining gaming, what happened to the good old days when this sort of progressive propaganda didn't exist