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oh look, lazy leftism

"there are only two bad governments, the united states and israel, and everything bad that happens is the fault of one of those two governments, and no one else is ever doing anything bad. ever. no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary."


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No, not really. Some people try to make it seem like that, especially those with a vested interest in blurring the lines between different forms of communism, but it's in our interest to defend the distinction. In my view, a tankie is even worse than a Marxist-Leninist; they're a Marxist-Leninist who defends every decision of the Soviet Union, every action of Stalin, etc., thus being more extreme and dogmatic than members of the actual leadership of the USSR.


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I'm Jewish so I have a question: if someone is afraid of Jews and believes that we eat the blood of Christians, do they have the right to harass us in public? Does their fear justify attacks on Jews? If they're told they can't attack Jews out of fear, are their rights "at loggerheads" with mine?

Because that's exactly what's happening here. Unfounded fear is conflicting with the harsh reality of trans women's lives and cis people are doing actual, material harm to us, harm that is virtually non-existent for the "other group" at the hands of trans people.


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Why do you think participating in the local chapter of a communist party is trying your best to accomplish revolution as soon as possible? It's no secret that many communist party chapters are simply leftist debate clubs.

It looks like it's more of a way for you to detach from reality, seeing as you mentioned it in response to this thread about someone's emergency situation dealing with misogyny. A genuine effort to recruit people into a communist party would involve participating in the struggles of the here and now so that people would see more of a reason to join your effort to build a better future.


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Being pedantic is the revolution

But seriously, it's not, it's just a way for leftists to assert dominance over one another and has absolutely nothing to do with social change. This, along with vague proposals to end capitalism in order to solve someone's emergency situation, is the kind of silly "leftism" that promises a lot and delivers nothing.