kinshavo wrote (edited )

Bread tuber
-Literal liberal
-Probably have tankie sympathies

Baby Anarchist
-Just got interested in politics
-Excited and Gullible, easy prey for Tankies


kinshavo wrote

I felt sometimes that I needed to be more active in my future and be the ultimate anarchist, but always I felt impotent.

Don't underestimate your attitude, takes a great courage to do what you did. Some people just let be dragged by the situation. I really think that Russia is at a crossroad right now as Europe as a whole. The world is spiraling out of control, besides the ecocide and collapse.

So I wish all the good fortune to you, we will need more fatherless sons out there.


kinshavo wrote

What I mean by that is, even if you have a good Security Culture you never can be 100% sure, Internet still is a wild west

In the discussion about affinity group is what I meant about being irl and among people real close, an affinity group should be one of the hardest things to infiltrate, maybe they can co-opt one member but if the intimacy was enough the people in this circle can notice before anything bad happen.