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My problem is that I am a heavy drinker, I could drink 2 bottle of hard liquor by myself. I don't have a problem with being. A frequent drinker or a prospect of being an alcoholic, but definitely I abuse it just because I like. The 3 beers rule is almost universal lol

What helps is being around sXe people and healthy friendships, also I don't like hard parties anymore. Other thing is that I thought about replacing alcohol with weed but if I don't buy weed I won't have this option so I will just focus on having fun sober. Maybe I wont close the door for weed right now, but definitely I will focus it to the medical effects, no recreational use.

thanks for the message!


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I will try to be alcohol sober this year, I have a half bottle of fernet to finish and 8 will try to hold on.

I liked drinking because it was a social lubricant for me, most of the time tho it was just to handle the social anxiety or to make shit company bearable. Maybe the euphoria I often felt was just repressed energy, same with the misdirected outbursts of rebellious violence..

It's like I know it's the best way being sobre but I feel like betraying myself and my belief if I am unable to handle myself and just choose to be abstemious. Silly but makes a great impact in my psyche if I accept that I can't control my will


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I like hot/warm beverages, I usually more into tea and mate but is strange that I associate specific stuff with specific events or purpose. Like coffee for me is usually black and to polar with some kind of food like breakfast or snack, better with sweet food like cake or pie, maybe frappe in the summer if I am feeling brave enough...

Never saw snow tho... don't like cold weather to be honest