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I see GP is on Raddle.. I summon /u/PrinterPam


GP is a known scammer(s) and paedophile plaguing many forums for over a year now. PrinterPam has a knack for calling him out as he shifts through thousands of alt accounts while spewing hate towards the owner of the forums and accusing them of being ran by the government.


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The new sub on another site shall be announced on /f/darknetmarkets within 24 hours.

This sub is not about money, while market admins may be corrupt, people are dying of withdrawals and resorting to buying untested product on the street. We DO NOT allow sales in the current sub (while its still there) or in the new one that will be up tomorrow. I will personally ban anyone breaking such rules. What LE does not get is that no matter how bad the criminals running the markets are, this problem is created by THEIR prohibition and refusal to accept decriminalization of drugs. Such markets would not exist if people had access to safe amounts and quality levels of drugs. The war on drugs will never end because the governments want productive worker bees who conform to their manufactured collective consciousness geared towards capitalists gaining more money and power.

This sub can never be removed from the web, eventually we will create a decentralized medium to host this forever. This is not about drugs, this is about beating the fascists at the top of the pyramid and providing safety to those WITH A LEGITIMATE HEALTH PROBLEM: ADDICTION, as well as psychonauts who use non harmful substances to explore the subconscious mind to do so without getting poisoned with fent or other maliciously mis-advertised psychedelics.

If they are willing to attack a forum like described, whats next? Erowid seized? Psychonaut wiki?

Some food for thought..


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I definitely will! I promoted Raddle on my site, Grams Reloaded the darknet social search :)


Dread is run by the government I believe. Censorship has already begun there as well as all the other negative aspects that Reddit has and that we all try to escape.

I am a marketplace staff member and it is hard to even get the word out about any new markets. LE is pushing Dream and trying to herd new users onto it to mine data.