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who said we wanted russia to be a liberal democracy?

we can recognize that our view of the soviet union is informed by propaganda while also condemning the people who ordered the political murder of anarchists.


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i have what i consider to be an obvious natural right to live by virtue of the simple fact that i am alive. but, in reality i could die at any moment, possibly being killed by someone else. so in a material sense, what is a "right"? and does believing in them support our real movement?


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really almost all of le guin's stuff counts, but another book of hers that i really like that i find is discussed less in radical circles is the lathe of heaven. like the dispossessed is the most obviously anarchist of her works, but lathe is about a man who finds that his dreams begin to change reality. he goes to seek psychiatric help and his psychiatrist develops a machine to control his dreams and "improve" the world. you can maybe already see the analogies and parallels... it's an amazing book, one of her less well known, but i highly recommend it all the time.