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When Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn (John Boyega) go to Canto Bight, the Las Vegas of the Star Wars universe, Finn first marvels at its opulence and Big Spender vibe. But Rose, who grew up on a planet dominated and oppressed by the wealthy who marauded its resources, implores him to look closer. The one-percenters on Canto Bright achieved their wealth by selling weapons to the First Order. They’re war profiteers; their money is blood money. To Rose, and the audience watching through her eyes, their way of life isn't beautiful, it's evil—and deserving of destruction.

holy shit what. i wasn't paying attention to this movie because, uh, star wars in the 21st century, who gives a fuck?, but that actually sounds kind of woke.

for a story about a rebellion, star wars was always fashy as fuck. but who knows, i might pirate it.


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it's a huge leap from "some men use guns to terrorize and abuse their partners" to "more armed leftists = patriarchy." for my part i don't see how arming women to fight patriarchy is very patriarchal. would you say that john brown was pro-slavery?

guns are tools. just like any machine they can be oppressive or they can be freeing depending on how they are used.


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okay so. there is no way we are going to continue a functioning internet without having some kind of physical global trade system, i.e. ships going from one place to another. not everywhere produces the minerals needed for computers. every one of us doesn't need a new device every year but we can't just keep using capitalist devices built under planned obsolescence. all that shit is going to fall apart within ten years. so, if we're going to have to figure out some kind of non-exploitative global resource exchange system anyway why not have a cup of coffee every now and then?

i am well aware of the issues with the industries i mentioned, chocolate, coffee, etc. there are issues with almost every industry being racist and exploitative, especially those which take advantage of the fictions of borders and racism against the global south, because like we live under capitalism? i am very clearly an anarchist on an anarchist forum not talking about continuing capitalist policies in any way, so i'm not sure why you're implying that i'm racist for asking fucking questions. i'm going to be honest it feels like you're trying to passive-aggressively shut me down for asking questions that disagree with you slightly. this is not how i think that comrades should talk to each other.

in reality, you don't know anything about me, and i imagine we would agree on quite a bit of things and have a lot to discuss about (like, while we're on the subject, i barely consume chocolate, i don't drink coffee, and i have been known to grow my own tea in my own climate in the past, so i definitely get where you're coming from there!). i'm not going to tell you what to do. but perhaps consider being less thorny to people who disagree with you in the future.


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many of the goods discussed are cultural items, not luxury items

i'm talking about fucking. signals here. like physical infrastructure to communicate in case there's a hurricane or wildfire or other natural disaster.

do you think that long distance communication and trade are inherently racist?

i'm not interested in forcing anyone to do anything. there are things made in some regions that can only be made in that region and are desired in other regions. resolving that issue is the purpose of this thread. you can divorce that from historically imperialist products if you wish, which was only a small part of what i mentioned. i am obviously not interested in continuing racist, capitalist policies or i would not be on this forum.


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are you kidding me? so, no coffee, tea, or chocolate under communism in much of the world?

no cultural exchange of books, records, art/sculpture, etc? can't buy a t-shirt from yr favorite band on another continent?

how are we supposed to even communicate with people on the other side of the planet if we don't send at least phones around the globe sometimes?

OP said "in a social anarchist society" not "in an anprim society"


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oh you've got reasons. we've all got reasons we should be using more free & secure software.


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my friend sent this to me; i thought it was fucking glorious hahaha.

"[liberals say] we should defeat them in the marketplace of ideas. er, i don't really know where that is. i would like to defeat nazis on planet earth first, and then after we eradicate them here you can fight them in the marketplace of ideas, or fucking, narnia, mordor, whatever imaginary realm it is you think that nazis can be constructively debated in, go for it, right?"

solid praxis.


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i also agree that the lionization of billionaires has to stop which is why i say, treat them like everyone else. if they want to get on board and give up their money and power and build communism... great, that's one less enemy.

when you get down to it, IMO this is the main thing that separates leftists from the other ideologies. there's always room for redemption and forgiveness... but where people continue to resist, fight them mercilessly in the name of freedom, and without cruelty or torture.

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yeah that's not really what happened. in reality, a bunch of small-minded men held back the revolution because they believed in vanguardism, and then shit sucked in central asia for a long time. the people who fought and died to make the world a better place were the anarchists who fought and died at kronstadt and in the ukraine.