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Seriously, watch the rest of the show.

Season 2 is super slow, but s3 and especially s4 is really good.

S4 has (had?) 2 episodes which got a 10/10 rating on imdb


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I stay away from Mastodon for longer periods. Can't relate to half the stuff going on there so it can be exhausting at times


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I seriously doubt Moxie or anyone deeply involved with Signal intentionally wants to maintain a "smartphone-only wall of exclusion".

Check moxies twitter. He's complaining about having to write software three times (desktop, iOS, Android). Having registrations on the desktop client means having to maintain it, including tests for it and bugfixing.

I seriously doubt they do that on purpose. Idk why you look at moxie and think he is doing that intentionally.

Its clear that desktop is not their main priority. They looked for devs for a long time


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You completely ignored the part where Signal is a non-profit with limited funding and no monetary gain from people using their product.

Signal-cli has a different use case. I think they accept that because it serves a useful purpose. LibreSignal was a fork without GPS. Its different.

signal-cli fills a gap Signal hasn't thought of. LibreSignal filled a gap Moxie doesnt care about.


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Wrong. He didn't like that they used their server bandwidth.

He's totally fine with the fork, but preferred that they use their own server and not include "Signal" in the name.

There are a lot of newer forks now that uses their server, and it seems like he doesn't mind as much nowadays.

Keep in mind that this was before they received 50 million USD from Brian Acton. They were barely able to maintain server costs, so Moxie telling them to stop "leeching" is understandable.

Imagine if someone demanded a percentage of the food you grew by yourself, for which you need to feed your family.


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Peter Sunde is hilarious

He has some good talks too, worth checking out.

He evaded interpol for a year (IIRC) by using his last name instead of Sunde when travelling by plane

Also he got around the "sorry, we dont serve vegetarian food"-rule in prison by creating a religion that required the members to not eat meat.