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This is why it's taking a week to launch, the posts on the discord are about programmers examining the code, tearing their hair out, and attempting a rapid rewrite to improve the code so it can handle more than 100 simultaneous users.

But I guess they're in too deep now and can't switch plans to a postmill, let alone raddle, for reasons.


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I've tried a few, a lot of which are based on Flym, and didn't like any of them, but RSS is "really simple", so they should all work the same at the basic level and the rest is up to your preferences.

I also appreciate that Flym is dead simple, collects nothing about you and does nothing but collect RSS feeds into your local android. If you need something more complicated, like syncing to a computer, it's a little too simple for that, not sure if there's anything that can do that and still respects your privacy.

The nice thing about RSS is that basically all websites/news orgs just have it and it just works. Except for Reuters, which is frustrating because it seems like they really were the best newswire for Just Basic Facts.


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India's death rate was down over 20% in some areas in the early quarantine in part because so many people die from vehicular accidents. Cars are dangerous!


"Accidents on India’s chaotic roads killed more than 151,400 people in 2018"


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Add newswires to the RSS app of your choice. This minimizes pointless/stupid editorializing and is just the facts. I use Flym on android and AP News (since Reuters took down their RSS feed).

EDIT: and you can always add investigative journalism, left-wing analysis, and local news along with barebones newswires, like ProPublica, Unicorn Riot, Crimethinc, whatever.