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Follow up question about porting the X220: In case your time issue is related to money rather than a matter of priorities in life and you still enjoy the work on it, ever thought of making some kind of kickstarter?

Related to that, as someone whose abilities are clearly more analogue to put it very, very milldly, why is it that one can't donate to libreboot directly to give those without any technical talent whatsoever an easy way to give something back nonetheless? Bureaucratic hurdles? Philosophy? Organisational issues?


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Thank you for your positive reply,

I didn't mean to criticise you by any means and I had no intentions to discuss the "incidents", blame my poor English if I came around like this. I followed closely and already got you here -I think. I just mentioned it because this whole ordeal brought up a lot of emotion in me and as a result I felt the need to make gender identity a subject at all and I wanted you to know as to why I'd be glad when you're okay with me making a painting of you in particular as well. I'm aware that I can use a photo of you without your consent, I just prefer to ask, it's a matter of respect...

I'll email you.


kaspaar wrote

Ooooh Leah, happy to see you, really :)

Actually I've got a lot of questions, pretty sure most of them you won't be comfortable to answer, so I won't ask...

I'll reluctantly limit myself to the following: Are you still working on the X220 or is it out of reach?

Not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this, but while you're here: I for myself am working on an exhibition about gender identity, would you be okay with a painting of you to be shown there? In case you're fine with it, wanna choose the photo I work with yourself? Maybe some text in addition to that?

I'd be really glad to have you in. Actually the for me more than disturbing public response (outspoken, I still don't want this to be true) about the actions you took -even if you don't like that to be discussed anymore, are kind of "guilty" for that exhibition to happen.

You've got a lot of time to think about that, it will take me about a year to get everything done :) If you're interested, can I email, pm or jabber you about details?

Regardless of your decision about that one, I really want to take the chance to thank you for founding libreboot, which is one of my favourite free software projects and your work on it, some other things and honestly hope that you'll be happy in your personal life after all. Or one day. Or so. But happy.