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I was born and grew up in the United States and I left permanently directly after finishing school. My father came to the United States and is now thinking about leaving it, along with my mother and sister. Some of my friends I had growing up there are trying to or have already left as well.

So I don't know a lot about immigrating to the States or living and working there as an adult. But I think its pretty hard to come here legally(its also hard illegally) depending on where you come from. Salaries can seem higher there then they do in the other countries I lived, but those other countries tend to do things like giving you healthcare, so your costs will also go up a lot as well. And depending on where you live you are really going to need a car, and housing can be really expensive.

The weed in the US is really good even in the states where its not legal & its super easy to get prescription drugs.

I personally find a lot of Americans really obnoxious and I tend to avoid them now that I'm abroad.

American cops are real assholes.

American people tend to be pretty easy to speak to and are more friendly then other places I've lived.

You can get good corn cobs there all the time which is a big benefit.

Its a big country with a diverse geography, climate, and culture.

Its really easy to lead an unhealthy lifestyle there.

If you are white and speak English with a minimal accent you will probably not face too many issues as an immigrant in my experience. If you speak with a British accent then everyone will want to sleep with you, but they'll probably say something about tea and crumpets first.

If you speak Spanish and not English then there are definitely parts of the country, or parts of various cities that you can go too where you don't really have to speak English, but good luck reading this.

University can be really expensive here, health care can be really expensive here, you are not guaranteed parental leave by law, so if you plan to have children I might have second thoughts, though anyone born here is automatically a US citizen which is a benefit. (and I know people whose parents specifically bore them in the US for this reason)

I don't really want to go live there again, but I would like to take an extended trip there, see what's going on.


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Ok I will keep that in mind, and if I do something big I will discuss with you first, I also checked out the issues page on the repo, and could help sort some of those out as well if you find them urgent.


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I will look into these, and see what I can do. I think your second to last suggestion would be good for the site as well, as I also like looking at the comments, even though I rarely do myself.