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Yea well they were honestly impressed when they came here, this past week was a building week for us, that we planned for the last month and a half or so. So Hella people were visiting to help us to work on the house.

They found everyone super nice, they saw how our organisational meetings kind of work. I think they really appreciated how you can kind of just work on what you find interesting, and that there isn't a pressure to work yourself too hard, that we want to have a healthy way of working together, and not just burn ourselves out.

One of my parents was until a recently a council member of the town I grew up in, and now is in the bureaucracy there so they were asking me about how anarchy should work on a larger scale ( in terms of organising towns and cities) and I was like well the anarchists have really extremely differing views on this from anti civ stuff to like communist anarchists or anarchist syndicalists who think that industrial society can exist under anarchy.

I was able to get them to accept that the USA is a fascist country while they were here which surprised me.

When I told them I was coming here a couple years ago they thought I was joining a cult and were tryna tell me that I was making a very bad decision(my dad at the time called me a insert ableist slur here), but actually they really liked it here. I think they both weren't super cool with eating dumpstered food, and the whole vegan communal meal didn't work for my dad who is one of these people who thinks a meal isn't worth eating if there isn't meat but even he can accept that the while industrial animal product production is fucked up and destroying the environment.

They both consider themselves to be progressive and I guess for the mainstream politics of the USA they are, but they are barely aware of stuff that doesn't affect their white middle class circle I guess, but are open to hearing about it. I think they were very open to new ideas when they came here so I find that really cool.

Yea I tried to explain them problems that I see here like internalised racism, as it's a group of white Germans and then me, and also problems of toxic masculinity and how we try to work on this, or how we fail to do so. So I tried to make it clear that anarchy is a continuous struggle against authority even in our small group of people here. Think it's easier to show people how we self organise then explain it to them.

And when they asked me stuff about the purpose of our project I made it clear that they would probably hear as many different ideas as people who live here if they ask everyone, to make it clear that we can function as a group without necessarily agreeing on everything.

Lmk if that was helpful. I think by just exposing them to that environment people can learn a lot and it's better then trying to explain it by talking about it you get me?


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Took the week off work, and spent the week working on my house instead, parents are still here which is ok, I don't have to entertain them 24/7. Gonna go to the critical mass in a nearby city hopefully the people there will be cool.


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So is the lumpenproletariat just that section of the working class who don't actually work? Or is there more to it then that?

Remember also Kristin Williams referring to the dangerous classes in the police and power in America book and there I got the impression it was just the whole working class especially the foreign born section.


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Today I finished reading the Mohawk Warrior society. the last section is about issues in haudenosaunee politics such as authoritarianism toward 'protectorate' indigenous nations before the Europeans arrived and issues around the adoption of European religions and pacifism. Highly recommend the book think it's a great resource to learn smthg about the indigenous pppl of turtle island. Not sure what I gonna read next but will find out soon enough I suppose.


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Religion is a delicate subject. One wrong word, and one makes enemies. Many are comforted by spiritual ceremonies. Others have less or no need for comfort. Each has an equal right to practice more or to practice less religion. In the past, the deeply religious have been known to force their religion on others. Many terrible deeds in history were done in the cause of religion. Though it’s a controversial subject, because of its effects on people, who are expected to base their future on religious interpretations, it should be studied and discussed.

Nothing is more insulting to a man than to cast doubt on his beliefs. You insult his intelligence. Yet what does the word belief mean? Dogmas and doctrines are beliefs taught as being true. Belief means to accept as true or real, with or without certainty. Faith is belief without proof. To believe means to think, suppose or assume without really knowing. There are millions of agnostics in the world who are ready to accept as facts the doctrine of the virgin birth and ascension to heaven by Jesus Christ or that he ever even lived, if they are given proof. Agnostics are ready to accept as true the existence of hell, devils, angels, purgatory, if these can be proven. As no proof has been forthcoming, they have stayed agnostics.

For example, nobody can prove the existence of hell, but a lot of people believe in it. They accept it as true without knowing. In brief, one can believe in what one doesn’t know. Belief is not knowledge. When one sees a fact before him or has evidence to support the existence of such a fact, then it is not necessary to believe. One knows. Many innocent men have been hanged because the judge and jury believed them guilty without really knowing. It’s one of the reasons the death penalty was revoked in many places. Belief can get you hanged. Knowledge can save you. Belief without knowledge can cause a lot of trouble.

Religion teaches that when a person dies the soul leaves the body. The soul then is bodiless. It shall not experience the same sensations as does the body. It shall not know hunger, thirst, sickness, pain or death. It requires a nervous system to transmit these sensations. The creation of hell, then, is a divine mistake, for the souls cast into it cannot feel the heat, since they cannot experience pain. Of course, it’s only a belief that God created hell, not knowledge.

Regarding the religion of our ancestors, I can only refer to the Iroquois system. The people gather together for Thanksgiving Festivals on nine different occasions during the year, when they give thanks for various favours of nature, such as the new year, running of the maple sap (first food of the year), new growth of herbal medicines, planting time (Seed Festival), Strawberry (first fruit of the year), Beans (first garden product), Green Corn and the Harvest Festival. The people do not petition or pray for more but give thanks for what they received.

Praying is like telling God (Creator) what to do. People who pray believe that God doesn’t know how to conduct his Godhood, so they tell him. Not only that, they tell him over and over again. God’s dumb, see! Can’t understand anything the first time. Gotta tell him a lot of times. It shows a lack of confidence in the Divinity. Isn’t He bound to think: “What’s the matter with those cats. Do they think I’m stupid or something? Giving me the same words over and over! How would they like it if somebody did that to them?” The best prayer is a way of life and acts, not sweet words, which aren’t going to fool anybody, much less the good Lord. If the Creator made heaven and Earth and all the wondrous words of nature, then He is so intelligent you’ll never sweet talk your way to paradise. You will have to be good and kind towards each other. Defend and protect the life given to you. Defend and protect the people who have been given to you as your people You and your people have been given an area of land by the Creator, so take good care of it. Let no other people usurp your land and your authority. If the land has been lost, then fight to get it back for you and your people. Or do you expect God to get it back for you, to then only have someone else come and take it away from you again, because you can’t learn how to hang on to what’s been given to you? Friends, Romans and fellow Mohawks, the reality of history tells us we’re on our own. We are born with a brain, intellect, energy, fighting spirit, hands and feet—all the equipment needed to do the noble work or the dirty work we expect God to do for us. Yes, sir! Action not words is the best prayer.

There is a gimmick used by many religions to fool the Lord. It’s a way of going to paleface heaven without doing good deeds and being a good person. One may commit the foulest deeds and yet obtain forgiveness. This is the confession and repentance rituals—to be done frequently. It’s a temporary repentance. In between repentances, one may be an utter fiend and do the most depraved acts and yet go to heaven, provided he goes to confession and does the repentance ritual. This system makes it possible for great criminals to be members of great religions, and when they get their comeuppance, they are given $100,000 religious funerals, with impressive eulogies. They are sure to go to heaven, because they repented after every evil deed. The temporary repentance ritual is an open invitation to become liars, crooks, thieves, murderers and criminals of every description, the offenders feeling that they’ll get the same reward in heaven as really good people who never did any bad deed. People who had no thought of doing wrong or committing “sins” are greatly encouraged to do so by the temporary repentance ritual. This is a failing on the part of great religions. They also omit to tell the faithful that though the Creator may forgive them, the law doesn’t, and they may find themselves in jail. Next time you commit murder, tell the judge and jury you have repented, and God has forgiven you, so they have no right to punish you.

A study of prisons reveals that very few agnostics and atheists are inmates. It must be that when they were children their parents also told them that stealing, lying and crookedness are wrong and shouldn’t be done but did not tell them to repent if they should happen to do it. They just told them not to do it. Having seen that temporary repentance doesn’t make bad people good, and that it encourages good people to relax their morals and even become evil, it behoves us to recommend that great religions abolish the temporary repentance. It’s no good. Stop making hypocrites out of good people.

Everyone can make a mistake. “How did I do a stupid thing like that?” He makes up his mind to do it again, and he doesn’t. That’s repentance. He makes no big production of it by standing before a congregation telling how, as the Creator is his witness and judge, he is repenting his sins. He does not do this repentance again and again to show what a big spiritual and religious person he is. It is not repentance if one does again and again what one has repented. Repentance means to never do it again. The ritual should be called by some other name, such as “periodic boasting”.

No religion makes any claim to have the formula for peace and happiness on Earth, only after you’re dead. It makes no special effort to find ways and means to acquire the knowledge. One of the greatest scourges of mankind is poverty. There is a way to eliminate poverty, wars, fear (instead of inducing it, which has been the way of European religions), hate, envy, worry and other conditions which plague mankind. That’s by creating conditions which erase them. Proper moral governments and a practical, worthy economic system can create the right environment for the achievement of advanced human relationships. Thus, may peace and happiness be proclaimed. We made a circle and have come back to the Great Law.

To Believe or to Know from Louis Hall

Think its kind of relevant, think there are more quotes from him on this topic in other parts of the book I'm reading but I don't want to look for them rn.


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I think there's a distinction and I don't want to talk about magick, because I'm not really on top of what it is as a concept and idk it relates to this chaos shit that me and /u/asterism talked about when I brought up esoscheiss.

But Louis Hall has a section on religion in his essays and he differentiates between the white man's religion and the indigenous traditions that have also been called religion, saying that the religion of the mohawks is not a religion because it's real, their beliefs are also their knowledge about the world, and about how to organise their society and food production and whatever else.

So I want to relate this 'religion' which is a way to understand the world, my understanding is that it's on a 'technical level', ceremonies are related to planting times and harvest times of the shit they grow, and also reinforces their political practice, is the source of medical knowledge and so on. So I want to relate this to the whole deal with witches in Europe, who were providing medical care, advice, and there was also some bs in there but witchcraft is/was/can be a practical art, so I idk how what I'm calling witchcraft relates to magick, but some stuff that looks esoteric or religious is really another system to organise knowledge of the world, and is not separable from the life of the people following that way. Later on I will find the section of the book I'm reading and leave it here and see if it's useful to the discussion or not

So then the other thing is this esoscheiss, which I think also is some wierd white, like kind of hippy, definitely colonial, definitely taking a privileged attitude toward the world, is also bring capitalised on by people who straight up take ideas from other parts of the world and then sell them in Europe and that I find problematic and it's not even getting into their whole association w conspiracy and by extension anti semitism.

I hope this was coherent or helpful.


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If I cooked myself I don't thank anyone. If I cooked with someone I thank them for helping me. And I always thank the chef sometimes multiple times.

Sometimes I thank the dumpster when i see all the awesome shit we get.

But I don't want to equate it to praying it's social nicesness or politness and saying what's true that I'm thankful for the effort to feed me.


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So I came to the city to meet them for a concert and we'll go to mine TMR. Also met some friends of theirs too, was distressing yesterday, hearing them talk about US politics and fascism, and completely ignoring the fact that black people and indigenous people exist over there and felt kind of attacked because my mom was talking about how she wants to stay and fight the fascism there through electoral politics bs, and I mean I left that country in part due to the fucked up political situation there. Their friends are English ppl who I've known my whole life and they were complaining about Brexit even though they voted it for it.

I'm mad at them the friends because they voted for Brexit and then applied for European passports due to ancestry in a European country.

And lots of lesser evilism stuff talking about they are really scared for the next election that maybe desantis are trump come to power, even though the democrats are as fucked up, and maybe I'm gonna have a go at them with the stuff ziq was saying about white supremacy and lesser evilism.


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and the other happened to have one of them refrigerated trucks parked right in front of the dumpster picking up stuff (apparently their employees work at midnight even though the place closes at like 9:00)

Probably getting food delivered, innit, a lot of stocking shit takes place after hours, but I think normally it's on a schedule so once you learn it that dumpster could also be available.

It's definitely possible to never need to buy fruits and veg if you are disciplined enough to go often.


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Got my parents visiting me starting today wish me luck, think they never entered an anarchist space before so could b interesting.

First potato plants are coming up.

Work is ok got my first paycheck for the half month almost I've worked and was more then I expected, and the team is nice so far, have to cleverly position myself during meetings so my coworkers can't see th anarchy shit on my walls tho

Pretty sure I'm gonna end up having a conflict with a housemate, cos they say wild ass shit sometimes that sounds conservative to me, think in future we should be more careful bout who we invite to stay w us.


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Its run by a German llc so I guess the GDPR applies, but according to the privacy policy apparently there is ads, they log ip addresses and keep them for 14 days, so I'd say its not ideal, and they do geo targeting by ip for advertisement purposes, but you don't need an account


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I'm still on the Mohawk Warrior Society, reading Louis Halls essays, the first essay is called the Ganienkeh manifesto, written during and for an reoccupation of Mohawk land in so called upstate New York Now I'm on the warriors handbook which is pretty good. I have the feeling that Louis Hall somehow knows every idea a conservative might have and rips them all apart. Also appreciate his use of relatively simple language.

Also technical specifications for work super boring.