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I have consumed them before in small amounts and they were a nice mood enhancer and made colours more vivid. I learned to dry them before eating them, but that even dried it's better not to take large amounts because of potential negative side effects. I never took enough to have like real hallucinations.


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It's super interesting and fun to live there. I've learned so much practical stuff since I've come there. It's also helped me a lot because I'm a foreigner in the country and living with a bunch of locals is really helping me to learn the language. The part of the country we are in is full of fascists and we want to provide an alternative space for the youth who live here so they can get exposed to radical politics which aren't fascist because around here it's really easy to just grow up and only be around and enter far right circles.


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It's going well for me, I live in an anarchist housing project, we have bought a cheap abandoned house in the countryside and are currently renovating the place to provide dirt cheap housing and a social centre. We are trying to a join a housing syndicate in our country who will split ownership with us 50 50 to prevent speculation on the house. I will update later with more Infos, but we have been there for a year and a half and have nearly finished the renovation of the top floor, which should be private living space. Then we will do the ground floor which will be the public area of the house.


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I came home from a short holiday to visit some friends and my partner. And I was sick this week with flu or covid and allergies after I came back. I quit my job this week and after I finish there I will go and visit my family for the first time since before the pandemic began.


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In no particular order:

Nas, Lowkey, Rakim, Tupac, Ghetts

I might switch out Tupac for mf doom.

Its hard for me to compare rappers across languages so here is a list of the greatest german rappers. (That I know about anyway)

Megaloh, Samy Deluxe, Afrob, Og keemo, Haze