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Cheers for the info and message.

I also understand that you want more transparency, the action admin took was probably due to moderation inaction or something that was missed, I also sometimes deleted very old stuff that looks like spam or is off topic without making it public (there always the open general moderation log). Maybe it something I can change to be more transparent too.

I mean I would say in most instances I'm happy with the amount of transparency there is. This time I wasn't, for reasons which have been made clear. The approach here is normally like talk with the person, and take action if they double down, and then possibly talk to them some more. Unless its spam, then just delete it.

Also I need to say that in recent times I can't have a clear view like I had in the past due the huge influx of new users (reddit refugees) and because I am not online so much like I was in the past, so I probably miss and missed a lot of discussions

I still didn't go back to looking by all new yet. and there's a lot of stuff happening am not paying attention to as well I think.


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Reply to comment by Tequila_Wolf in Friday free talk by lentils

Something like curry using coconut milk and tomato paste (even just tomato paste by itself works real good). add in like cumin, coriander, chilli, curry powder and pepper.

fry the vegetables a bit first in oil with chopped/ground chillis before adding water, tomato paste and coconut milk. normally once its bubbling I add in the lentils and spices.

I like cooking that with rice, which is honestly not strictly necessary, sometimes I let it alone, or I add potatoes in if I want to eat something super filling.

If you are going to add potatoes its important which lentils you are using imo. If you're using brown lentils its kind of fine and everything will be cooked through and nicely in around the same amount of time.

If you are cooking with red lentils and you cook them the whole time it takes for the potatoes to cook through the red lentils will probably have cooked long enough to fucking disintegrate which I personally don't find ideal. They really only need 10-20 minutes to cook through well. So you can add the potatoes to the hot water way before the red lentils, if you don't want disintegrated lentils.

The Germans apparently like to eat lentils with vinegar. It can be good for more like lentil soups in a more european style I guess but I maintain that its not appropriate if the lentils are in something like a curry.

when cooking legumes in general I don't add salt to the pot until the legumes are fully cooked because salt fucks it up sometimes, like the legumes don't get properly soft. Note also that a lot of pre mixed broth stuff has salt in it and fucked up my shit before.


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Hey thanks for the article and cryptic way of being open. for real.

Like I've said a bunch of times now you can obviously do whatever you want and that's cool, but I really think the lack of openness/communication basically guaranteed the controversy that followed(including this post).

If not drawing unwanted attention is the goal, I'm not sure its definitely correct to think that being silent about reasons for actions is a way to achieve that. (given the responses that followed, which I think weren't unpredictable). but again this is just my opinion.

You may be able to do as you please, but that's a separate issue to being able to do as you please without anybody else giving an opinion about it(or wonder what the wider consequences are). Like I said before, I really don't envy your position like at all.

and I feel like something in my post must have been worth responding to for you, because honestly I wondering if it would be deleted when I was writing it but its still here.

Anyway on that topic i think I don't have anything else to say about it.

Thanks again for putting up w my shit, which you also didn't have to do.


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Thanks for your message

I don't know if your talking about discussions from a while ago here, but I don't remember those things being related with the decision to remove the shoplifting forum. Anyway its super possible that I just didn't remember that. (although I maintain that I wasn't only the person who was surprised by what seemed/seems to be a sudden major shift in how rules were being applied/interpreted). I'm not even really asking for or trying to start a consensus process, just for some clarity about what's def allowed and not. I asked for anyone else's opinion because it seems like unfair and a lot of work to put on ziq if I just direct everything I said specifically and only on them. I'm pretty sure that discussion or request for clarity is necessary at this point. Like I want a common understanding if possible. Not even necessarily a common understanding that I fully agree with 100%.

Now, a sort of "mea culpa", usually I turn a blind eye if its just news or not overtly pamphletary.

I didn't get this part tbh.


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Having chatted about it I have the sense that even I didn't have a full grip of what was ok to be on the site and ziq didn't have a full grip of what was on the site wrt this kind of content.

Ok, this is the impression that I have atm as well. Like I hope its really reallly really clear that I'm looking for clarity so to as to avoid causing issues in the future. I think this topic in particular is pretty fraught in general(as I hope my original post makes clear), and is further complicated by the anarchist leaning nature of the site.

Also I'm just going to say it one more time. I think the quote I ended my original post with underLines my post, as opposed to undermining it.

thanks again for responding.


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Hey thanks for the answer. About your section about mod practices I don't really disagree with the stuff you said and I did address it briefly in my original post. Also will note that I didn't ask that the user be unbanned or anything. I just gave my impression on what they wrote that I could see. And then also noticed that it wasn't really unreasonable for ziq to react on that person the way they did. So like we don't have any disagreement there. I just pointed out that the person is probably a regular because for me the way the person writes is pretty unique(probably because I've read most of the stuff they've said on older accounts).

The final quote in your post also hints of this crusadism to me and undermines the post as a whole. Whether it’s right or not depends on information I don’t have. But ziq doesn’t have a history of making shit up for no reason like this.

I said like 2 or 3 times in my post that my issue isn't the unilateral use of administrative powers. and like if its not clear I have a lot of faith in ziq as well. I don't and didn't think they are on some power trip, I even made it clear that I understand why they did what they did(since they told me), but that I'm pretty sure others don't. And if some stuff gets posted is a danger for the site or users, I'm like actively ok with it being removed, and would also participate in doing that given that I'm moderating several forums on the site, because I think keeping site online would be nice. I think it would be pretty ironic for a person who actively uses their moderator rights on the site to then get pissy at the admin for doing the same thing. I think its funny that you think my quote points to me being on some 'anti authoritarian crusade'. I don't think Mobb Deep are anything like 'paragons of anti authoritarianism' tbh. I included the quote without any real explanation because its nice to leave things open for interpretation.

What the quote to me is obviously saying is that there's shit going down everywhere and no one can escape it. This is undeniable as far as I'm concerned. Its worth talking about or even being aware that shit goes down. Given that it's happening and everybody has to deal with the consequences of that. Not relating to it at all is not really possible. Especially given that a lot of users are politically aware.

I’m surprised it seems desirable to anybody.

We literally define all of the terms in the anti oppression part of the tos, for this reason, so that no fucking troll can come and be like well I'm not being oppressive. So first of all there's a precedent for my request, both as a user and moderator who would like to abide by the tos and also help to enforce it. Secondly as I stated, it seems to me that were misunderstandings as well as changing interpretations of what the relevant section of the tos means. Seeing as posts that were up for years got deleted last weekend.

Again I didn't make any requests with regard to /u/arsonal except that I could see what was addressed to me, which seems to not be possible, which is fine.

thanks for the response again