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Where I am, you have to wear a mask if you go to the supermarket or pharmacy, or some public indoor area. I do in those cases, but if I am just cycling or walking outside then I don't wear one. In any case I use a scarf as a mask, because every proper mask I wore made my eyeglasses pop off.


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Felt like a short week me for me because Monday was a public holiday, but since the quasi-lockdown here started, time seems to have sped up. Probably its because the days are much more monotonous, for me anyway. Only see my flatmates, and the other 4 or 5 people who are still coming into work.


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One of my grandmothers died last week. It didn't really hit me til yesterday when I called my father in the evening after the funeral. He did not sound good at all. We all 3 of us live(d) in different countries, so neither of us made it to the funeral, he tried to but would have missed it anyway, because he would have had to go into quarantine on arrival (if he could even get there), I didn't even know when the funeral was happening until it was over. So I'm feeling pretty much depressed and also like out of touch with my society.


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So I guess you don't need to use an email address or phone number to set it up. They don't make use of location data or device specific information. They send out messages via proxy, which makes it difficult/impossible for the server storing messages to associate an ip address with them So I suppose the difference is that they handle way less of it. . Its worth noting that no third party has audited it yet though.


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I had this week a new job offer rescinded over the coronavirus, even though I had accepted the offer and resigned at my current company. At my current company, the ceo refused to even make me a new offer on salary due to 'concerns over the viruses impact on revenues'. The only sort of bright side here is that my boss was honestly relieved to hear that I will stay for the time being, so I'm not totally out of a job.


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The phenomenon which I'm now attempting to describe isn't legal nationality. I have lived in both countries, my father was diaspora and I spent most of my adult life in his home country, so I have spent lots of time in both countries. I guess people in both countries do things differently, especially in the public life. How people expect you to act and speak changes depending on where you are.
So I have that understanding of both places, and act like it when appropriate. This is about social/cultural knowledge rather than legal nationality, and I said before this can also vary quite a lot within national boundaries as well as without. Also any foreigner coming into a new country can learn this as well and so become fully acculturated while still having the same knowledge of their home country. And also this would be the case regardless of the existence of the state. I would like to add that I am currently the foreigner doing this exact thing in the new country, if I stay here long enough, and make the effort, then I can gain this social/cultural knowledge and as a result the 'nationality'. Hopefully that was helpful.


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I have 2 nationalities. I view this as something I can take advantage of under the current system, and I feel no loyalty to either of those countries, and I don't live in either of them. When people ask me where I come from, I'd rather say my state or the local city of my area as opposed to the country as a whole. I also understand that where I come from has an impact on my socialisation, and that I have to a certain extent absorbed like cultural norms/values from those places, though to be fair this can also change quite a lot within a certain country.
I would say that I'm also pretty good at behaving in the manner expected of me when I'm in either of those countries(as in following the rules of politeness, basic understanding of the laws, and what not). I feel at home(comfortable, on familiar ground) when I go to either of those places, but I feel like I get treated like a foreigner in both of them to a certain extent.


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No worries, we are using this solution in production at my company and it works perfectly, if I find other shit that saves my life I will also post it in here.

Editing to add that you can verify it worked by checking htop.