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I don't really care if raddle implement ActivityPub or not, but if I was to implement it, I'd not implement the full spec. I don't think you want people to be able to follow a single raddle.me user, but just follow raddle.me as a whole and get all the links in their mastodon feed, for example. At most, I'd implement that you could follow specific forums, tho, but I'd certainly not let people content appear on the raddle.me feed, tho.

ActivityPub can really be seen as an RSS feed on steroid if you only implement the publishing part of the spec, since it'll simply syndicate your content to the Fediverse, and if I understand your point, this is opt-in and not opt-out, since people can follow you if they want or not.


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There this website that have been setup with some channels to get information about what's going on in Ukraine : https://operation-solidarity.org/

(There's also a l*nktree link being share around, but those links are banned on raddle,)

I think it may not sound super radical, but I think it's important to speak about what's going on. Spread the information from the people who live in Ukraine and are fighting against Russia, but also break the narrative that want us to choose which empire we want to support between Russia and the West.

Otherwise, I think we must prepare our own communities to make sure they're open and ready to welcome refugees that will come from this war.

Also, if we search a little bit, we'll probably be able to find some ukranian anarchist collectives / organizations we can support financially if you have the money. There's also organization in Russia like Anarchist Black Cross Moscow who are against the war and against the Russian state in general who are working to defend the political prisoners. I don't know how they're gonna deal with all the mass arrest that take place all across Russia in the last days, but they'll probably need some support too.


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This is perfect!

After the attack, the attackers disappeared into the night.


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Yeah, I was using this one before, but I prefer the "clean" version because you can add custom site locally to test or because they are specific site that you don't necessary want to be in the packaged addons.

Also, due to spam and others reason I don't know the issues and pull request can't be made to bypass-paywalls-chrome, but bypass paywalls clean is also free and opensource. Here's the code


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For me the sole fact that this article has been written is a huge red flag regarding the relation the anarchist communities are developing with Signal.

Just to be clear, I think privacy is important and everyone should use the most secure tool possible for their everyday use and Signal is probably the best tool for chatting securely and privately. It has a great UI, it's really easy to use and it can bring privacy to everyone.

My concerns are more about the "anarchist stuff" people are doing / organizing on signal :

  • especially with covid, but even before that, people seems to organize action using signal
  • even if it's possible to use a burner phone or a secondary phone for your anarchist activities, a lot of people are not doing it or doesn't have the money to maintain a second phone just for that, Are their phone fully encrypted, are they having good password on their phone?
  • more and more people are creating large signal group to spread news and information across communities, states or countries, even if nothing risky are discuss there, if a cop can be add to those group chat, it's a great way to get a list of phone numbers and to see which phone numbers are active and posting stuff
  • even if there's disappearing message someone could copy / paste or screenshot everything said in a conversation or a group chat

Also, even if I understand Moxie's arguments, I think that for our communities, the fact that Signal don't let you have an account without a phone number (ther're supposed to be working on supporting username) and especially the fact that they don't support federation means that you have to trust that the server code that is on github is also the code they're running on their servers.

So, even if I really like Signal I think we should always ask ourselves what threat model are we facing regarding what we think, what are we speaking or organizing against, who is the enemies and what resource does they have to counter us,. We should also always ask ourselves if something should be written at all before writing it even on paper or on signal.

Another article about Signal on it's going down : https://itsgoingdown.org/signal-fails/


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I think even if there's an individual part in this, the private / corporate social media are actively working on keeping their platforms addictive. There's also a lot of social pressure, especially for younger people who are almost born with a facebook account.

As a young teenager when those platforms come out, I didn't have a lot of experience on the internet back in the days, my parents were not tech savvy and I had not been introduce to anarchist / anticapitalist ideas nor FOSS ideas, so even if I tried to not join because I was preferring MSN, I finally join when almost all my network had move from MSN to facebook.

I think you're right when you suggest to create collective alternative to private social media. In general, even if I think using non-actively addictive platform is probably saner, I think a lot of people need to (re)start to speak to each other without any technological proxy. And if we have / want to use technologies to communicate on a daily basis, we need to use less destructive and more reliable technologies. During the last facebook / instagram / whatapp crash, a lot of people were not able to communicate with their friends nor their family because they didn't have their email nor their phone number... this need to change!


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I didn't have time to dive in each band yet, I just listen to the compilation a couple of time while doing other stuff. In fact, I don't even know the names of the song, I just found of them were not bad. :D


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On a technical point of view, we could also encourage people to use old, but perfectly working technology like RSS feed to always receive the content they want to follow or at least decentralized social network like mastodon and diaspora.

Otherwise, maybe we can improve the Anarcy101 wiki page to have more complete section about news, books and other stuff like that. :)


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Yeah, but a lot of people don't necessary know what they are doing with a computer and it can help them. The other things is, Riseup talk about closing their red vpn for a couple of years now, so I guess that when riseup-vpn will be stable, the red one using vanilla openvpn will be close, tho.