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Good, the more body autonomy that Women have the less chances of a children being trained as fascist.

Edit: grammar for clarification, I mispoke(typed?) when I implied that fascists are born. I know they are the result of abuse that starts in the family and then reinforced by authoritarian conditioning.


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The fetishization of our Black bodies serves as an unconscious reminder that we are still commodities to be consumed and eliminated if we do not cooperate. This has been our kin's known history in any country-concept that relied on chattle slavery(read All of them).

Some have erased our presence out of shame(read Canada, Mexico, USA, Carribean, South America etc). Our presence is a refutation of the mythologies that bring about the negative peace of 'functional society'; so long as you aren't Black or African you will be considered Human.

People know that it's wrong, but the primal and unevolved psychology of Animality, present in all Humans, now has a conditioned 'other' that allows people to project whatever learned fears and self-hatreds onto those who are not expected to fight back in any way shape or form; and in instances where we have resisted, we are either incarcerated or killed in the name of security.

The current organization of Western hegemony and geopolitics is predicated on institutionalized anti-Blackness, anti-Indigenity, anti-LGBTQA+, narcisscism and thantophobia.

We suffer so that the delusional elite of dominant society are not rightfully destroyed for causing so much suffering.

Unconsciously, non-Black/Africans are glad our kin's collective indignity is not their own groups fate, but the guilt and awareness that comes from acknowledgement of that pettiness causes a psychological short circuit that reinforces the de-Humanization of the Black body.

Unfortunately, what they have done to our kin, is what they paln to do to everybody, we will continue to warn those who will listen, but for most it's too late.

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Thanknyou for your thoughtful reply.

I will have to consider leaving my present country concept in the future because I will never be free here.

And I expect to meet resistance for trying to leave in the first place.

I kind of just hate society today, but I know I can't do anything about it.

I am safe,others are safe and have no plan of harm, just in case this comes off as imminent violeneceor self harm...I hate that I have to still tell people that

Thus my conditional Humanity continues


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Thank you for your thoughtful response. I've accepted and acknowledge that I have no desire to belong if it means exsisting means existing within a limited context.

It's just having to deal with the Human need for socialization , but having that experience be....how to phrase this without coming off as a misanthrope....dissappointing(?)

The current organization of society regards me as a threat even when I'm not one,but masses of Humans will accept any shortcut to assuage their own feelings of uncertainty.

It's tiresome and infuriating, yet if I react to that indignity with anger, I am considered the problem.

I can accept my current social death, but I'm not happy about it.

How am I supposed to live if I am prvented from doing so by those who benefit from my suffering?

I'm not even sure if what I'm saying makes any sense, but it's how I've always felt


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I don't like any political party because there is no real choice if you don't have money or the right education or social class

I'm just one among billions of people trying to find their way without harming or being harmed by others.