jouissance wrote (edited )

His-Story is a nightmare. I want to break free from it and its cycle of accumulating rubble, of its story of the progress of an ever-denuded biosphere and ever-increased human misery.


jouissance wrote (edited )

Definitely not the most important issue by far, but social isolation and anomie. I'm going mad here.

Car culture defines nearly everything in this sprawl. It atomizes social relationships, further turns the planet into an uninhabitable hellscape, and turns the world into a flattened blur, viewed through a screen. My "galaxy-brain" take is that while this isn't just endemic to the suburbs, life here is reduced into screens.

Pardon my essentialist assumption here, but I personally believe that human beings don't thrive in a world of screens. I stare into one as I type this message, and all the phenomenal life is compressed into a solipsistic square of tortured sand and silicone.

Whether it's the coldness of a nuclear family each watching their individual screen in separate rooms, their faces lit up by an eerie blue glow in the dark caverns of the McMansions, or in the deer or skunk never noticed until it's too late, the tractor beams of cars stunning them in the light-polluted night... screens reduce everything here, until you live in a nowhere land of slow death, or living-death.

DeLillo's book 'White Noise' got to the heart of all of this pretty well, as did Putnam's book 'Bowling Alone.' It ain't just in America though, it's here in Canada, in Europe, all across the colonized world.