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You want to write « instead of <<, don't you? You should find the appropriate key combination. Now you are writting the math symbols greater than and less than. You can ask for help in f/freeasinfreedom or f/technology

I don't think China is on the way to a stateless society, they are not even socialist. In fact, many people call the Chinese model state capitalism.


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We have to reach the widest audience we can

Who is "we"? Why we need to reach the widest audience? How does PeerTube not lets you access the widest audience you can and is YouTube better? As far as I know, it's just a video with a URL, even more because it can be in other instances, so everyone capable of playing videos and execute JavaScript can access it.


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it's important for free software enthusiasts to distance themselves from this guy and the frustrating tunnel vision that allows him to support all kinds of oppressive shit outside of software

I completely agree, we should just take the good ideas or critiques, and don't idolize anyone.

Regardless, I would rather read the full interview or whatever, the comments look really weird. Is that on his website?

tunnel vision that allows him to support all kinds of oppressive

Yes, this might be one clear example:

I've read that male dolphins try to have sex with humans, and female apes solicit sex from humans.

This sounds like animals who are denied their freedom, who are caged or in zoos, and these relationships don't imply freedom at all.


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I don't agree with many of the political ideas of Richard Stallman, like his support of the state, his opinions on free culture or many other things. But what's the point in discussing weird sentences taken out of content.

I don't know what "voluntarily pedophilia" means for Richard Stallman, I guess a kid may be sexually attracted to their babysitter and vice-versa, that may sound weird because it's not very common, but what's wrong with that? Why not debate this on f/sex, where fits better?