jdane2786 wrote (edited )

Dude I have to say that you are spot-on with most of your assessments. I think this is a awesome thread, and very informative. I wish I would have been able to read this years ago. I would have been able to avoid a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. The only place that I disagree with is Kroger's. I personally think it's much easier than a lot of places out there. I've never had any problems at Kroger's. One place I noticed that you forgot to put on there would be Belk. Belk has above-average security and has LP that actively monitor cameras all the time. They also have no problem chasing and getting physical with a shoplifter. I learned that from a very shity experience. But like I said other than those two you're pretty much spot-on. Especially target they are a motherfuker for sure and I've had many bad experiences there, to the point to where I wont fuck with them anymore. Thanks again and I'll be looking for any new updates regularly.

Also im super knowledgeable about security tags, spiderwire, and alpha box's. I know many tricks on how to beat and get around them. Let me know if you would like me to tell you how to get around them.