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The best (but difficult) IMO would be a grifty, computer-generated YouTube channel, reap ad revenue.

Make one animated video with certain models, then automatically swap out models to pop out 30 videos of the same thing for kids. Toddlers love these channels, give them hundreds of thousands of views.

Or maybe take some dataset to autocreate videos— I saw this one channel that used a database of names and just made a video on "how to pronounce" every name. Used a speech synth for every name lol, still got a huge amount of views.


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These leaks are genuinely sick, y'all.

There's a "master" collection of NES ROMs in it, but they all lack headers (and are split into PRG and CHR files, afaik), so they're unusable.

I hacked together a script (to_rom.sh) that'll make them usable-- combine the PRG and CHR files, and uses this data (headers) to add the appropriate headers. It works for ~1000/1300 roms in NES/OEM/, but not for most of NES/NOA/.


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HAHAHA, true! the movie was fucking terrible.

I actually wrote an essay comparing the movie and books (and attacking the movie for being bad) pretty recently for uni. it's one of the few things i've written that i'm even remotely proud of, even if it was just a draft.

Here it is

EDIT: re-reading it again, I'm realizing I should've proof-read and not submitted at midnight. Shit that was bad.

tl;dr: I talk about how the film tries to superficially combine the character arcs of Ged from the first book with Arren's, failing in doing so (their arcs are kind of contradictory), how the Taoist "balance"-oriented parts of Earthsea are literally given only a single line in the film, and how it completely misses the point of both books it tried to adapt. I basically cover the same shit this article does lol.

I didn't mention the white-washing even though it made me cringe so hard watching the film. There's no way that could've even remotely been an accident― their "rust-colored" skin tone is mentioned like every other god damn page jesus christ. You literally can't miss it. Only Tenar should be pale, or some villagefolk from outside the archipalego.

I do appreciate their attempt to combine book 1 and 3 though― if you were trying to adapt the series, I think their overall plot structure is has potential as an adaptation. Like they almost established Arren as a Ged-analog pretty well in the movie, and did it in a way that fit the medium. The execution was just so bad.

And as a movie... it was animated well, and it was OK. Not good. Maybe bad. But probably just OK.


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kinda has a point? it does sort of remove the humanity from a photo, making it slightly worse propaganda— but also privacy and saftety's important, you need to balance the two, and…

Between the rise of the phrase “fake news” and the idea of institutions carrying a specific bias against one side or another, blurring Black bodies would give credence to these criticisms. Not only would readers trust these news organizations less, the organizations themselves would be abiding by rules that toss journalistic standards out the window

nvm fuck this guy


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i never state my ideology (unless i'm with a left-inclined person) because it's really bad optics to the uninitiated. but i'll talk to people about individual issues.

if i'm having a discussion that you can easily bring data up about, i try to just bring up as many data points and studies as i can remember, and only lightly hint at any solutions. this works really well ime! having academic consensus on your site hecking rocks, it makes everything so much easier. helps to slowly bring people around, at least a little bit.

if it's about a more philosophical/moral bit, i almost never have any success, because finding common ground is really difficult. weaning someone off of a weird legalist interpretation of morality and toward consequentialism stuff is very hard, etc. even if they concede that laws don't necessarily dictate what's right and wrong (obviously), they'll revert right back to it a few days later. the connection just isn't established. shit like that makes it impossible. people get burnt out way faster with this stuff too, making it even harder.

so I really try to avoid discussions of principles, because that almost always goes bad. i feel like swaying people on what issues objectively exist, and the logical solutions that come from that, does a better job of bringing people over philosophically.


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yup, lemmy's code looks like total shit, and the user experience is just abysmal. I tried really hard the past week or so, to give it a fair chance, but it's just literally unusable, especially over tor.

full-JS frontend, who the fuck thought that was a good idea? smh

postmill is such a more performant and mature codebase, if they had any sense at all they'd switch. they won't.

EDIT: after using postmill for ten more minutes and continuing to have a significantly better experience, i'd like to stress just how much more pleasant it is than lemmy. a lot.


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I'm using Otter personally, because it's so much more lightweight than Firefox, and can run on basically anything lol.

It supports all the important stuff— ad-blocking, proxies, custom keybindings, custom aesthetic, multiple profiles, etc. Everything works except some of the more complex “webapps.”


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This entire disaster just shows how much society hates workers, it's disgusting. Fuck capitalists, and let the ones that disallow their employees from taking precautions burn in hell. This is literally biological class warfare.

The state's more worried about red-line than people's lives. Shocker.

Really good article, great points.

EDIT: dang the real gold's the in the comments, y'all


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A Kobo Mini with Debian's probably your best bet right now, thought there's some non-free bits still in there.

A fully libre software ereader is possible through (bootloader, firmware, everything). The WikiReader is this device from 2008~ that has a nice black-white readable screen, fully open-source.

I've been working on-and-off on writing a simple e-reading program for it in C, using wrdk. It's nowhere near properly functioning yet (consistent seeking is broken, file selection in works). I'm working on it.

If you wanna tinker a bit on simple hardware, the WikiReader's excellent. It can also read Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Project Guternberg dumps right out of the box, too.