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yea, you can use IPFS Companion, and it'll automatically redirect all IPFS gateway stuff to your local one.
(it'll be slower, because most of the time the only node with a coinsh.red file is the coinsh.red node itself, but you'd be helping with that! =w=)


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So basically, “x thing leads to somewhat increased risk of malnutrition and parents should be held accountable,” right?
That's… kind of fair, I guess. When kids are dying from eating garbage, action should be taken for their health— but prosecuting the parents? Jesus. And it's not like they're suggesting parents who “force” their kids to eat 80% junk food or whatever should be prosecuted likewise, which is also quite hard to pull off in good health lol. (Unless they are, did it say anything like that? :o)


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It to be libre software. ;w;
If you wanna give it a go, there's this really nice RPG Maker replacement under development, that's fully compatible with playing it's games (it's editor still isn't usable, though), EasyRPG. Until the EasyRPG editor's done, you could use r48 (source) (bin), which is a full-featured (and RPG Maker/EasyRPG-compatible) editor, and it's pretty good.

Other than that, I can't think of much to suggest. I'm just interested to what kind of game comes out of your head.