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From a comment:

Have you considered the possibility that such a widely respected, intelligent, and experienced individual might actually be the one correct here?
I find your criticisms sloppy and flawed. It is immediately apparent that you have completely misinterpreted his statement.

This is an understandable feeling— whenever rms says something creepy, it has two interpretations: the logical, normal one (that he's being a fucking creep), and the mental gymnastics one that no rational human being would take (that he's technically close to right, if you squint your eyes).

If you idolize RMS, it's so tempting to reach toward the good-faith interpretation, no matter the gymnastics required. I used to take the latter interpretation, trying to find some good-faith way of reading his crazy shit. So I kinda get where this guy's coming from.

Like his comment on pedophilia: “It's not inherently bad, as long as there's consent.” I used to read that as, say, a 17 year-old and an 18 year-old, or 15/17, things like that. Most people'd agree that's not bad. There's the good-faith interpretation, that stretches what he says to make it seem “not so bad.” I see nerds doing that a lot. I used to do that.

But the thing is, he always says what he means. The good-faith interpretations are just wrong because they're reading too deep into what he says.

This is a case of a blunt, rude, sexist man being upfront and clear about himself: “I'm a creep.”

I've kind of been in that weird LiGNUx-community state of idolizing of RMS in the past, and I'll admit I'm just now stopping caring about him. Why do GNU nerds care so damn much about this man? He did some things that were, historically, significant 30+ years ago. Now he just defends pedophilia.

Another one's Eric S. Raymond. He did things back when, but he's a racist. Who cares about him? No-one should.

TL;DR I'm killing my old idols rn, fuck idolization have a great day


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That's really interesting, actually. Minecraft definitely is more cooperative in terms of gameplay, and Roblox more competitive… but I'd say it's the other way around in terms of game creation (modification).

Making mods in Minecraft is individualistic and competitive— source code is basically never available, ad.fly links are everywhere, and authors are very territorial over their creations. Basing a mod against someone elses? Well that's just not allowed in MC.

Making “games” in Roblox has probably more of an ingrained “profit-motive” (robux are super-prominent in the website and game)— but somehow game-building is still more cooperative. There are a huge amount of buildings, meshes, scripts, and entire games that are free for anyone to use or base games off of available. Derivation is way more encouraged, and so game-making's more cooperative.

Anyway I haven't played either of these games in years, so this stuff might not be accurate post-2011.


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My perspective of life is from the point of view of an introverted nerd--an INTJ to be more precise.

this is just icing on the cake for me— it's beautiful. human personalities can't be pigeon-holed into arbitrary categories… bragging about being an “intj” was exactly the kinda thing I did when I was 15. then again, so was calling myself an “introverted nerd” and contrasting that to “normies.”

on an unrelated note, this dude likes another life, which is objectively a terrible show.


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I'd probably say Towerfall. It was the best game on the OUYA, and it's probably one of the most fun modern couch co-ops out there. I haven't played the new version, but I'm sure it's just as fun.

As for non-video games, probably Arimaa. It uses chess pieces, but it's a completely different game. It's simpler, more light-hearted, and is more competitive across skill-levels. If a big chess nerd plays a beginner, they'll beat them up in five turns. If a big Arimaa nerd plays a beginner, the game can last for a while— the beginner might even win! Way more fun than chess between friends. :)


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I dunno— XMPP is a pleasure to use (I use the cheogram SMS→XMPP bridge all the time), and I wish I could use it more… but the inconsistent implementation of some important features (OMEMO, video/voice chat) is kind of a down-side.

I've tried video/voice with Pidgin before, no dice. With Jitsi (not webRTC jitsi), worked, but poorly. Haven't managed to find an Android client with video— the only good libre one I've found on F-Droid is Conversations, which is great (OMEMO, too!), but no video/voice.

Like, whenever I've talked to friends about installing an XMPP client, I remember frantically searching for which Android/iOS clients support what bits we need, and having trouble explaining the issues to them. It's just a total headache.

Not even just clients, it's servers, too. Not all servers will support everything, it's… well.

Matrix doesn't really have that problem— there's a pretty canonical client (Riot) which supports all you need, and no-one even needs to spare a thought on compatibility, because everything pretty much follows Riot. There's more consistency, it seems to be catching on in these radical nerd-spaces, so whatever.

XMPP isn't bad, and if you have a well-informed friend to introduce you to it (“use X server, use X shiny web-client”) it's pretty much perfect. In cases other than that… it can be a headache.

EDIT: Not user-friendly-related, but I figured I might as well tack onto my dumb rant.

XMPP really isn't as group-oriented as Matrix is. It supports group-chats, yes, but there is variety in client support, and… there just isn't a “culture” around it. Group chats are becoming ridiculously widespread and mainstreamed. Discord is an obvious example. If you want your chat protocol or service to have a chance at hitting it big, group chats need to be first-class shit. Matrix treats group-chats as first-class. It has a developing “group chat culture”— there are communities using it, being created on it, and growing. Sometimes circumstance outweighs technical merit— especially when it comes to a tool for communication. XMPP just doesn't have the “culture” Matrix does.

If we're trying to push a chat protocol to comrades, federation and community need to be first class. Matrix fulfills both, XMPP only one. Hell, there're even a few Raddle Matrix rooms.

On the subject of federation and community— it's common practice to see Matrix, IRC, and Discord channels merged. Bridging seems to be less common (if it ever happens?) with XMPP in group chats. At the end of the day, bridging is probably the best option for dealing with this hodge-podge of protocols and services… if there is no technical limit to bridging on XMPP, it should be more often pushed.

Fuck, sorry about this block of text.


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(don't know why you were downvoted, these are genuine problems with signal :/)

matrix might be work looking into, as well— it's standardized, self-hostable, federated, and the good clients support E2E encryption.
it's more user-friendly than xmpp, and easier to get people to hop on board with than xmpp, ime.


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coinsh.red isn't stable enough right now— it'll crash every once and a while (usually after five+ hours, I found). I set the daemon to restart once every three hours, which is a total band-aid. It really sucks, but I've been more busy IRL lately, and haven't had the time to properly fix it.


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As a totally not member of the DSA, yea that's about right.
Only bright spot of the lot is that there are a good amount of anarchists and socialists in local branches, and the meetings bring them together for external meetups.

Other than that… oh, no, that was the only good part.


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That was a good read! It's made me dig through the rest of your blog, I dig it.
We definitely need a federated etherpad alternative/fork, at this point.


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fuck yea


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because of competition

There will be more competition

more competition/alternatives

More competition

c o m p e t i t i o n

“Competition” isn't the silver bullet you think it is.


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A green lizard wearing a fedora stands next to a warped text-box, saying,

the social contract theory lacks a viable means of establishing consent

(that's why the state's authority is illegitimate)

what do you mean “rent is theft”?

all landlord-tenant contracts are always totally consensual and aren't affected at all by the various, interlocking ways the state suppresses homesteading and other residential and business arrangements


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Does the term Bisexual strictly reinforce the binary

Yea, it does. It implies that there are only two genders (either that or you're completely against dating enbies which is honestly bullshit), etc.

Pansexual genuinely acknowledges and welcomes enbies. Sometimes people call themselves “bi” when they're really pansexual (because they're down with enbies), but that's not really accurate… I mean, call yourself whatever, but calling yourself “bi” is either betrays a little bigotry or bad praxis. Probably both.

EDIT: pan is high in carbs and i'm on a diet, so i'll probably have some bi later