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It looks like it's been offline for about 4 hours-- I just woke up, and the server's drive died, so I'm restoring from a back-up. It'll be up within an hour.

EDIT: It's back up! I restored from a ~four day-old backup, and I tried to restore as much from the failed drive as I could, but you might notice a file or two missing. I'll start making daily incremental backups.
Sorry about the down-time, mates.


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totally anonymous


unmoderated [...] Do you think it's an accident that it has the userbase that it does?

good point! yea, that's not so rad. distribution is good, but distribution of moderation (i.e., voluntary block-lists, the sort of thing people brought up along with konsent) is pretty important


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notabug itself, the software, the model... I've got nothing against.
but jesus is the user-base shit

Free speech is only good in theory, in reality it allows the left to spread cultural marxism and poison the minds of our children

is on the front page. -4 points, from +10 and -14...


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yea, I think that's a good part of it.

I think another reason is that it's becoming easier and easier to fill every empty moment with phone usage, so it's becoming less and less socially acceptable to strike up a talk with a random person, just in case you're interrupting something, y'know?

and at least for me, it's easier to distract myself with a laptop or something in public than to interact with people more and actually overcome whatever anxieties I've got and get better at making friends. that's probably a common one, unless i'm over-projecting.