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Wikipedia says:

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.


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I just saw there are moderators here and it's not voluntary... I didn't agree to a contract with the moderator so they have no right to police me.

In anarchism, we can choose who we want as our boss, it's all voluntary, but here there's no choice because as soon as we make an account we have no power. We have no way to opt out of being moderated by these people, it feels just like a state.

Moderation need to be voluntary, if a moderator tries to censor me, they should have to get my permission first and if I refuse they can't do it.


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But business owners are a minority, the employees are the majority. There's one manager for every 20 employees or so on average, so democracy actually helps the minority to protect us against hostile majority (for example the state and its expensive regulations, private lawsuits from customers, unionizing / monetary demands from employees).


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But the employees have their own unions so they also have power over the companies...

They have democracy within their union and we have democracy within our association. Everyone gets democracy.

That's what anarchism is all about, being able to participate in the democratic process and having the freedom to speak, whatever your beliefs are.

When the smart employees earn enough from working and use it to open their own businesses, they will leave the union and join the association.


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But I'm Italian, we were persecuted for a long time and our blood sweat and tears was used to basically build North America (along with the Irish).


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The way I view anarchism is a loose association of business owners that cooperate when we have common interests but compete with each other when we don't (so the free market isn't compromised). I'm not sure how you all view anarchism because I see anti-democracy, anti-capitalism, anti-society even. At first I thought you were ancoms but now I'm not so sure.