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Thank you.

I have enjoyed numerous people posts.
I think everyone's got their flaws and we can always agree to disagree. Just because I don't agree with one thing someone said doesn't mean we're enemies.

One thing that I've noticed is the ganging-effect on here. When someone says something bad, instead of giving them a chance to explain themselves, people often gang up against them and demand they be banned.
And I think that's a terrible stance to take given that anarchists should believe in freedom of thought, speech and expression.
We can't always agree on everything.

For example, I think stealing is bad. But I don't go around telling people to stop lifting or discussing it.
'Cause I don't know where they're coming from.
Perhaps they've really got no alternative.

I quit my job because I was tired of lying to people.
I never got another because I realized all corporate folks have to compromise their ethics in order to run businesses profitably.
But that's just something I'm unwilling to do.
I've discussed that in length elsewhere.

But then here I am, having rage-posted a few times. I'm not perfect.

All I'm saying is, I'm not some racist piece of shit who just popped in here.
I do think about stuff at great lengths and try to maintain some logic in my responses.
If I was some racist ableist and other -ist scumbag, there's plenty of sites on the internet where I could have a blast.
And this comes down to part of why I don't wanna post here anymore. I don't want to have to explain myself and explain that I'm not racist and give proof and try to validate who I am.
It all sounds so defensive.
Like why do I have to defend myself from a false accusation?

As far as insults go, it's all words.
If I call someone motherfucker, does it mean they're literally having intercourse with their parent? Hell no.
An insult is an insult because it's supposed to sound absurd and ridiculous.
Anyway, language is evolving faster than humans are.
Most of the words banned here were spoken in normal context a few decades ago.

It's all so weird, y'know. When I sit back and put some thought into things.
Polygamy was normal a few centuries ago. Then it was banned or frowned upon. And now, polygamous relationships are back.
Nudism was normal a few centuries ago. Then it was banned or frowned upon. Now, nudism is pretty much legal in selected areas. And skimpy clothes are the new normal.
Racism was normal for the most part of the last century. And it still is, quite normal even to this day, especially in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
If I wanted to marry a woman from a different race, even today, it'd be heavily frowned upon, slandered, and I'd be labeled an outcast.
And I like women from all races, from different cultures, with different customs and traditions.
But I'm single. Why? Because people would never approve of the relationship that I wanted.
I'm not a man to settle for anything less.
And I'm not afraid of being an outcast. All I need is a woman who'd stand up with me.

My ancestors are of Indian origin.
Some of my extended family lives in India.
Now I've been to the Asian continent a few times.
India is one of the terrible countries with backwards culture and traditions.
Did you know that on average, dozens of women get raped in India daily?
Therefore I say, India is a fucking shithole! And I stand by my words. To my death.
Arranged marriages are another common thing in India - something I'm very much against.
Arranged marriages amongst Indians is very much akin to a business deal.
And that's why so many women are unhappy.
Child marriages are still common in India. During my last visit, I met someone who's marriage had been arranged when they were just a child!

So you tell me, how am I supposed to restrain myself from calling India a third world shithole?

And that's exactly what I did in my comment posted in the link above. I read the news article of a 12 year old girl who was abducted, shackled, and forced to marry her kidnapper.
She was raped by this filthy, stinky, smelly, ugly piece of shit fucking monster!
Now how the fuck am I, supposed to restrain myself from stating the FACT that Pakistan is indeed, a fucking shithole?
How many people here have been to Pakistan?
Lemme guess! Zero!
India and Pakistan, are pretty much the same. Except Pakistan has a larger population of muslims, and a terrible economy, and so on.
/u/black_fox see the context of my comment now?
Does it make sense now?

Now this is a forum. I can't go about explaining my personal experiences under each comment to justify why I said what I said.

Like I said, there's a lot more to the surface of the one liners I posted here.

I'm just rambling on now.
When I get started, it can go on forever.
That's why I prefer to keep my comments short, and to the point.
Anyway, I'm out.


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Figured my parting words should have some level of details rather than one-liners.

I don't care what strangers think of me. This post represents my stand on freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

I have considered the feelings of others. Hence my decision to stop posting here.


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I don't think you have the slightest clue of who I am.
But I do think you're living in a bubble emma.
And that bubble will burst on a painful note some day.

I'm Asian too.
I've never been to the US. I've spent most of my life around Arabs, Asians and Africans.
If I've made an anti-Asian remark, then there must have been some context to it.

Anyway, I don't think I wanna speak to you again emma.
You seem to be the type of person who's quick to judge people instead of trying to understand where they're coming from.