insurrectobot wrote (edited )

I guess there is something to be said about historical context - other names such as Hakim Bey, William Burroughs and Alan Ginsberg spring to mind when it comes to authors from either an anarchist, leftist or subcultural background who have written pro-pedophilia content as do pedophile advocate groups that briefly tried to attach themselves to the left such as PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange) in the UK and the case of the leftist commune in Germany back in the 70s that encouraged pedophilia. There are other examples too unfortunately. These kinds of things were happening in decades gone by, but this historical context does not excuse them nor should it be used as a pretext to shut down critical analysis / critique. It's part of our history whether we want it to be or not so it is important that we should be able to openly criticize these failings of the past regardless of whether it happens to be the failings of a much respected anarchist author.

And whoever it was who stated that when Wolfi abandoned the Feral Faun pseudonym that this instantly negated all of his writings under that moniker - I think this is possibly the weakest take of all regarding this. So I could write a bunch of offensive crap under a pseudonym but if I then changed my name to something else then it wouldn't matter anymore? Hmmm.

If Wolfi really has changed his views since the text was written, then how hard could it be for him to write a short piece saying so to put the whole thing to rest? Saying that he doesn't use the internet or doesn't want to be involved in "drama" is just disingenuous bullshit. Surely it is important for his legacy as an author for there to be an official record so to speak of him stating once and for all that he no longer holds these views?

It's also important insofar as introducing his better work to people who are new to it. Are we meant to say "oh by the way he also wrote an essay in favor of pedophilia but it's okay, he doesn't believe in what he wrote anymore, although there is no record anywhere of him saying this, you'll just have to take our word for it."?