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nice. was thinking of writing a response to what Kevin Tucker had to say about insurrectionary anarchism in his interview with Jurnal Anarki that was posted on Anarchists Worldwide. I think he was way off the mark, hopefully I can find the time to respond to it in the near future.


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Apologies for posting this- I hadn't even listened to it [won't bother now], and had no idea Julian Langer was such a shithead.


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was good (online) friends with him up until his cancellation, corresponded with him regularly and was one of the first people to publish his essays- still pissed with him for what he did but I am interested to know what became of him.


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the amount of times that social anarchists in the country where I live have posted this essay on FB as a comment in response to a post about anarchists doing some kind of property damage type direct action is just ridiculous. it's a great essay but it's like the social anarchists who always post it haven't even read it properly let alone understood it.