infocom6502 wrote (edited )

Don't worry we'll just change the color codes on the weather maps to make them look less bad.

90f will will be the new 70f / green

100f will be the new 80f / yellow

110 will be the new 90f / orange

that'll fix it, go back to sleep sheeple

trees? you see one you've seen then all. We'll keep some in the museum.

Regards, the Donald


infocom6502 OP wrote (edited )

suppose this neighborhood has a vacancy rate of 15% and after a little bit of gentrification it drops to 5%. I don't see that displacing marginalized people.

also, gentrification often means new construction (adding units, square footage, renovating space that wasn't habitable or was minimally habitable). A neighborhood could add total residents (and likely does).

Unless bottom third or quartile rents see a significant rise due to this low amount of gentrification, there is no displacement.

I don't get this black and white binary thinking. Quantity and degree matters.


infocom6502 wrote

maximum solar irradiation. I hate it very much. We've had 3 heatwaves already (all short luckily) and they are bound to get worse. Temp records shattered in Siberia, and probably also in the north coast of the canadian northern territories.