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Maybe not unlearning so much as learning that alternatives exist. Like Tequila implied, there are a lot of things you 'learn' that go deeper than simple knowledge and extend to identity, culture, behavior, etc - A lot of which cannot be realistically undone. I think that really the 'unlearning' process is discovering that an alternative even exists, and then slowly, one thing at a time, reconciling what you already believe or understand about the world with that new knowledge. Basically, adapting to anarchism is the same learning process involved in internalizing any new knowledge... Just far more profound and far-reaching in it's implications than most discoveries.


infinitesunrise wrote (edited )

I've been yelled at by trolls on Reddit before for 'trying to gaslight them' by editing my post for spelling and clarity. Them: "You know I can see the asterisk on your post that says you edited it, right? You're not fooling anybody" Me: "Oh cool I didn't even know that asterisk was a thing, thanks I guess?" Meanwhile I'm literally just correcting my grammar. Outed!


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Yeah, I have a few shirts I had custom printed with anarchist stuff that most people wouldn't pick up on unless they already knew what it was or I explained it to them. Usually they were memes I came across online that I decided I wanted to human-billboard and adapted for clothes. I don't wear 'the colors' although I do wear a disproportionate amount of black - But that's probably just because I'm a New Yorker. Everybody here wears a shit ton of black. I also like rip out embroidered logos because my clothes are mine, not some corporation's.