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FC is not advocating rewilding here. That should be blatantly obvious. Rewilding is the idea that human agency will restore nature to a more pristine state. FC is not suggesting this. Nowhere in the text does he talk about what ziq and others constantly talk about, that is: "the conscious undoing of human domestication and returning to the lifeways of some indigenous human cultures...regenerative land management techniques employed by hunter-gatherers and horticulturalists...Rewilding intends to create permanently wild human cultures beyond domestication." No. He is simply saying destroying enough shit will end human supremacy, restoring agency of wild nature, taking ourselves out of the drivers seat.

And ITS is not fascist. This is a flagrant mischaracterization. Have you read anything about them in detail? Have you ever read any of the writing or statements they release? They have carried out attacks in solidarity with anarchists. There's nothing fascist about it. Again, it's a flagrant mischaracterization of what rhe group philosophy is actually.


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Civilization is nowhere near as stable as you and many other people in the anticiv milieu seem to imply. It's a house of cards, with many pillars and load-bearing facades already nearly defunct. Some of the hot air used for discussion would be better placed in actions. Enough of the right kind and it all blows over.


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Forget about "turn[ing] wildness on" (and your unappetizing verbiage). Human agency radically corrupts everything. What would benefit the planet is turning civilization off. Four generations or whatever is four generations longer than necessary for your agenda to be co-opted, diverted by people with more ability/agency than all of us combined.


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Reply to VoIP + PSTN by haystacks_

Sorry to hear about the marriage, going through similar things. Fire away any questions. Buy a phone and Straight Talk $35 card from Walmart. Magicjack and orbot might be an option for you.

Been doing off grid comms stuff for a while now if you have further questions. I have a PBX, Asterix isn't very tough. You've got a lot of options.


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This article, like many others, is a skeptical calm-you-downer, but more and more I'm reading these skeptical essays and coming away from reassured civilization is fucked. The arrogance of these scientists, who commit their whole lives to this shit, continues to astound and infuriate me. Losing even one species to human-driven climate disruption is an unfathomable tragedy.


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"Should" is an ethical consideration, right? I was against it, then ended up caretaking an orphaned kitten. Their parent was dead next to where they were found. Still against "owning" any "pets" though. My cat friend doesn't hunt, neither do I. She doesn't have a is a commodity for her too..has to eat somehow...