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yay and she won the temporary right to not be deported until summer 2023 because of media coverage. we are such generous people.

i thought the story about blood down the leg was about first period but then she started talking about the sniper! deeply horrifying stuff. deporting people back to that, how does that pass as a decent political course for a left-wing coalition government in a liberal democracy? it is beyond worrying when the "political left" wants to round up refugees and minorities in "travel-back-home" prisons.

i thought the school teacher was sweet.


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There is always the risk in any software that one day the conditions of use change, that the dev sells the product, etc.

Yea but with free software you can fork it.

it don't have a really FOSS alternative with this amount of functions, the nearest and only is Nomacs -Image Lounge (FOSS), but even this one has only half the funktionality of IrfanView.


the web is full of abandoned and unattended products,

Well, yes, but at least with free / open source software, you can pick up the code where it's left and attend the unattended products, say, how people keep hacking on the doom source code.

filled with malware

I find this more of an issue on Windows when pulling random .exes from the web and hoping for the best than with apt or other gnu/linux package managers.

Granted, amongst web browser extensions, even for a free browser like Firefox, there's a lot of malware.


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apart of a good user support/community, which in proprietary soft is not necessarily worse than in Open Source apps or services.

I disagree. There are some qualities inherent to free / open source software, such as being safe from vendor lock-out. Even if your non-free app works fine now, you can never be sure that the developer won't pull an Adobe on you, going expensive monthly subscription all of a sudden. That, I think, makes proprietary software necessarily worse in very practical and tangible terms.


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I'm sure it's possible to just ingest growth hormones directly instead of having to get it by feeding it to others and then killing and eating them. Now, if it was only some dude trying to grow his own body, but so sad what he is forcing on his "stubborn" partner.

except organs.

Unusual to see carnists referring to organs as organs. Like, she's not eating livers and hearts and brains?


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Wow didn't know there was a vim forum on Raddle!

This is an amazing list of plugins. Lost my Emacs / Spacemacs config a while back so I just went with vim because better out-of-box bindings.

When programming, I like to just be able to run the current file easily, <Space> → <Enter>, so I set this:

" set Space as leader key
let mapleader = " "
" run current file
nnoremap <leader><CR> :!./%<CR>
" make current file runnable
nnoremap <leader>x :!chmod +x %<CR>

Neovim's terminal mode is also really good, so I also set a shortcut for that:

nnoremap <leader>t :terminal<CR>

Will definitely check your list of plugins, especially the distraction free modes.


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Yet another solution: Just do the dishes!

Writing that Reddit post surely took more effort than actually doing the dishes. It's nice, you get warm water on your hands and soap with lavender fragrance, and people are all really happy when the kitchen is ready to use again. Why not?

I love washing dishes, except when I'm being asked to, or when there's flesh or bones on em.


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Get out of there, go to the woods, grow food, be self reliant. They're angry at these people for not working to fulfill their desires.

There's also the option of talking to the others about dishes in a way that respects their autonomy and their no. Clearly they are stuck in a mindset of domination, wishing for laws to force their housemates to do the dishes. I'm not sure that just leaving will help this person change that harmful attitude. If this person learned to communicate in a less authoritarian manner and with more empathy, I think they'd become happier where they are, which may be easier sometimes.