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i don't think liberation pledge dating is that much of a compromise, i.e. only eating completely vegan together, potentially veganizing them.


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If Earth First! is anything like some other organisations,

It's not.

whose wet dreams of being mentioned in the media depletes youth energy.

Did you read the Diversity of tactics section?


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wait wat. and they also wanna steal their money?!:

AlumaSafway also threatened legal action "for all damages caused by the illegal strike" which could make workers "personally liable for added production costs, penalties owing to Owner or, even the loss of the contract with our client."

i can totally see how that wording is valid legalese. it's also just valid vampyric.


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Not proud of these, quite bland, but just purely functionally useful ones for me:

  • "Hi friend." (when threatened)
  • "Do you feel heard?" (to resolve conflict)
  • "No thanks, I don't eat anyone." (when offered body parts)
  • "Not to put anyone on the spot, but I'd just like to open the space to hear from others in the room, as not everyone has had a chance to say much, and maybe if those don't have anything to say, we can just have a bit of silence, please?" (at meetings)
  • "I hear that it's really important for you that this wall remains unpainted and that you'd like to request that I stop painting, however in this case I am not going to follow that request." (when painting)

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yea like they apprehended two people but not too much of that last one.

oh yea the 2.3 mil isn't hard to comprehend, it's the lesser evil anarcho-bidenist-cops putting people in less evil anarcho-bidenist detention centres. it's good they voted the leftist rapist in presidency to justice.


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Law doesn't need to come from the state. How many times without answer do I need to give examples of Romani, Amish, Jewish and even anarchist communities determing law without the use of state intervention without reply?

Lol, exactly except directly opposite: anarchism means not only dismantling state laws but also other hierarchies. Anarchism can easily be against repression by religious laws, e.g. against ISIS or wahhabism or modern repressive USAmerican christian fundamentalism, whether or not implemented / formalised as state law.

That would be my immediate intuitive understanding of it, at least.

I don't get why they're so tuned in on that though, like, what do they want to use all these anarcho-laws and anarcho-detention-centres for? Do I see a weird "gulag" tankie red-fash justification peeking through? Why they so into that?


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oh no, anarcho-vaushism, did you really have to post that? how boring how irrelevant, anarchist detention centres, and then they're posting thought gymnastics memes themselves, and posting weirdly aggressive rape as threat strawmen args. icky vibe. damn breadtube.


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What do they mean with "no cigar"? I've heard "close but no cigar" but can't grok what this means in this context.