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Re: walkouts. I'm looking to get an expensive backpack. I concealed some smaller things at the closest location recently, concealing isn't as much of an issue (I do wonder if their cams are monitored and how much camera coverage an average location has, haven't been able to find any info anywhere).

Since I'm after something I can't conceal, I feel like doing a walkout would be risky, and I'm not looking for my face to land on their/the local police facebook page or whatever.

I'm going to attempt the return scam, and assuming they replace the item, I'll just return it to the store in person.


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Wow, what the fuck. Yeah, don't even go into a Walmart for a good 8 months or so. You're done with that location for a bit.

This is why I've never had my real name on social media lol - there's just no good reason for it, especially if you're often up to no good.


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I don't want a refund, I want a pair that works.

Sounds like I'll have to cut my losses though, as you said. Doesn't sound like anyone here knows if a third party seller (company, not some random individual) can see if an item has been claimed as "not received". Not really willing to chance it unless someone can tell me either way.

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I've heard really good things about their LP program. Like Target, I'm not often willing to chance it. I've scammed them with pretty big online orders before though.


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It obviously is a big deal because they were looking for you and staking out your bike. You got made. You were observed lifting, and now you can't hang out in that mall for a long time unless you want employees or security breathing down your neck the entire time you're there.

You're probably not going to get arrested, but if I were you I wouldn't even go to that gym anymore. You will be noticed.

Shit sucks, but it sounds like a good lesson, even if it's just because you were unlucky.