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Not sure why all of your comments are being downvoted, OP.

I lived in a big city for about 15 years. Regularly hit the Target downtown (mostly for small stuff, never attempted big lifts or walk outs or anything like that). I did this for maybe 5 years straight, same Target every week.

Been a regular lifter for YEARS. Finally got apprehended at Target once I moved to a smaller city a few states away.

Why do you think I got away with it at the Target in the big city for so many years? Did they see me and not prioritize my trail mix, underwear, and kitchen items lifts? Was it so busy that they didn't see me at all?

Question 2:

When I was caught, I signed some things, was trespassed, had my photo taken (have since returned a year + later to do actual shopping, no one has chased me out or anything). Do you think they put me in the Retail Theft Database? Do other Targets in this district have my pic?


ifthreewerenine wrote

Advice? I got my last pair from the Apple store, but I don't think my method works all the time.

I had been waiting for someone to see me about my computer issues, and while I was waiting I grabbed some headphones off the shelf (they were busy and no one paid attention). I held them in my lap for a bit and then slipped them in my bag from a previous store like I owned/already purchased them.

The second time I tried this, someone saw me making a selection (different location) and asked if I had any questions about them, etc...They weren't sus, they were just doing a customer service lol. But I feel like this only works if no one is paying attention, and if you're waiting around for something.