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do ppl actually play complex clusterfuck doom or whatever, i swear its half the servers on zandronum and no one actually plays them


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idk cant really pick a fav, some relatively recent ones are terraria, old shooters like doom (which can be a lot of things, gzdoom is really its own game engine based on doom), blood and half-life (we call those boomer shooters but that confused raddlers the last time i said it), and some touhous which r bullet hells @_@

some games i really liked as kid were polish point n click adventure games with a cartoon dog called reksio


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incidentally i just beat this stage today, was moreso focused on the flashy lights that were killing reimu and yukari so i hadnt really gotten to enjoy this melody as much as i could, then again i probably wouldnt play these games if not for the pretty songs :3

very nice arrange but i prob like the original more (might sound annoying sorry)


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i'm not the most knowledgeable person on the topic but this seems like a really helpful read

tho i think the title is a bit shortsighted cause it may put people off by making them think it's only for abusers (esp since ppl generally don't like admitting abuse), when it can be helpful for anyone really