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u'd be a cool antihero i think

i think at this point i'm like an antihero in both the old sense (uncool and can't do shit) and in the edgy 90s type sense (is not traditionally moral)


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this is gonna sound shitty cause i'm just some eastern european asshole talking about indigenous people but until recently i really appreciated them so i found this to be pretty tragic. this is kinda unrelated but i swear like everything i ever liked or found comfort in has to be shitty in some way and it's making me rly sad


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sorry for posting again i found this post (sorry i'm just searching random bs on the site like a weirdo) and others on this site + what little i've skimmed of baedan 1 and 2, i might understand what you're talking about with identity abolition a little better and i think i might be feeling a little better about it. maybe i'll read desert and then baedan but not now tho

but would one who is free of identity/gender still be able to characterize themself with traits commonly perceived as feminine including names and pronouns for example?