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havent played lolk so idk, bombs reset when you die so imo (never played on anything harder than normal so i could be wrong) it's better to waste a bomb than die, but if the bomb saves you then it's not a waste, also by the time i get to the stage 5 boss i've prob already died at least once lol

the bomb reset might be different in lolk but i highly doubt it


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[yeah sorry for replying to your 1 year old comment, u prob shouldnt read this since it's pointless but i wont stop you if you wanna]

aw, this reminded me of how since like last year one thing i wish i could wear is a sorta nice long skirt that isnt like showy, would be nice to be able to get something like that in a way that isn't terrible and exploitative (tho as much as it sucks to admit it it's not like i and others like me don't already do terrible and exploitative stuff). also theres the obvious concern of me being amab and it not being socially acceptable.

but i fear that the only reason i want to dress in a way i find cute and cool is because of industrial civilized capitalist society, idk i just wanted to have nice things :(


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same energy as that person saying they don't support palestine bc he corrupted anakin to the dark side


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well i think i should have made myself clearer when i say draw i mean not digital bc im not interested in buying a tablet and i mean throw up crappy doodles that sometimes look sorta nice in my eyes. so it probably wouldn't make a good background but im still interested in doing it

as for editing anything i'm prob not that good at making anything that nice or cool since most i've done is horrible memes and shit like putting sunglasses on a character i like