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Sure, but my knowledgebase is not extensive enough to write a reliable master list on my own. We'll need people more experienced than me as well.

I mostly steal from big box stores and chain pharmacies that I know are easy to hit. I wouldn't have any knowledge about half the stores that were originally on that list, and what I do know, I'd need to run by some other people as well to make sure that I'm not making an assumption that only applies to stores under this particular region's management or whatever.

If you know anyone else who would be interested in making a new master list, I'm down to put in whatever work I can to make it happen.


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IIRC, the master list was outdated and contained some incorrect information. One thing I noticed is that it listed a few stores as hands-off that are hands-off normally, but may hire private security or off-duty cops who are allowed to be hands-on. It was useful to me personally, but I can understand why it was removed.

We should create a new master list with updated info and a disclaimer that said info is only as accurate as we can make it.


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I think the real dangers of overusing the accusation of "racism" to the point of hyperbole are twofold:

One, some conservatives will internalize it and start to sympathize with racists, consciously or subconsciously, or else they will start failing to take racism seriously themselves. Most conservatives don't think of themselves as racist even though they may support some policies that affect minorities negatively. If you actually want to change their minds, be polite, approach the subject gingerly, and coddle their egos. Learn their buzzwords, thought patterns, and emotional triggers. Being confrontational gets you nowhere with people like that - they can't handle it. Most conservatives are trying to be "good people" as best they can from where they stand. If you just dismiss them collectively as "bad people", they're simply going to shut you out. As a group, they might be bad, but as individuals, they can be approachable if you know how to approach them.

You may not think that changing conservatives' minds about some of these issues is important, but it's part of the strategy of the actual Nazis. They even want to encourage a racist mindset even among portions of the population that they hate, because they feel that it helps racism set in across the board. They want LGBT people and people of color to have a racist mentality, and they target them with propaganda. They want racism to pervade everything. A lot of anti-racists don't seem to want anti-racism to pervade everything, instead believing that certain groups are simply not worth engaging with on the subject, and this is a strategic mistake. It's giving the Nazis a free win among the portions of the population MOST susceptible to their propaganda. It's gotten many groups and individuals that don't actually want to support real fascism to hate and fear anti-fascists.

Secondly, it can desensitize us and them to real acts of racist violence and fascism that take place in the background. I feel like a lot of people use things like "fascist" as an offhand accusation and compare everyone they don't like to the Nazis partially because there is, on some level, a belief that those threats actually went away in the 1940s and 50s and that some asshole politician who wants to deny transgender bathroom rights is the closest modern moral equivalent we'll ever have to the man who gassed millions on Jews in concentration camps. People think that it couldn't happen again, especially not "here" ("here" being wherever you currently live), or they never fully realized the horrors than can be a part of the rise of actual fascism.

Actual fascists are stealthy. We didn't know everything they were up to until the war was already over. They rise quietly, and crying wolf every time you see a stray dog can make it more difficult to recognize which threats are real and which ones are just vanilla conservative assholedom (which I do realize is also itself not a good thing), especially in an era where everyone is crying wolf and a lot of those people believe, on some level, that wolves are extinct and the hyperbole doesn't matter.

The wolves are real, they are hungry, and they are here. It is important to learn the difference.


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As has been mentioned here, trainhopping is a great way to kill yourself. One of my best friends (a gutter punk) hopped on the wrong car, and it turned out that coal or something was being dumped into it halfway through the trip. He died.

There are some people who practice it as a way of life, but it's not like shoplifting. You're rolling the dice with your life every single time you try. Even if you're experienced, there are things that can go wrong and just randomly fuck you up.

If you must, find someone experienced and trustworthy who's willing to teach you the ropes. Trustworthy is important. There are some people who will give you bad advice just to kill you for fun.

It can be done, but it's not safe. It's mostly popular among crowds who don't give two shits about their own lives in the first place. It's not something I would try personally unless I had no other choice.

Keep in mind that a bus ticket is usually less than $200, and you can make that in 2-4 days of panhandling (one in certain places if conditions are favorable). Protips: Make a sign on a piece of cardboard, smile and be polite, stand in a busy street, approach people, ask for "change" instead of "a dollar" (it's more effective), and put something about how you need a bus ticket on the cardboard or else in your verbal request (some rich assholes are more than happy to help you get the fuck out of their city if they think you're homeless).


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I don't have security at my local CVS, so I couldn't tell you. I've actually never seen security at CVS, so most stores probably don't have them.

If they're off-duty cops or privately contracted security, their policies may be different than CVS corporate, which means they might be allowed to touch you. I would pick a different CVS store until you know for sure (or else be really careful and have a backup plan).


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This. I know someone who's worked in that industry, and they've told me that a lot of the chemicals (ones that aren't required to be labeled) in certain types of shredded cheese and pizzas (used to keep the shape of the shredded cheese) are known to be carcinogenic by those who manufacture them and have a long list of untested, unregulated chemicals that they switch to when the FDA bans whatever they're using currently.

Shredding cheese yourself also tastes better.