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i just bought a book today :), it's "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau, though i'm still reading an anthology of "Das Kapital", i've been reading it for months and i still can't finish it because i have other stuff to do and the book is really hard to understand :(, i even had to take notes on a notebook to try to understand it


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i just wanted to put some suggestions as alternatives to ddg


i know the system1 deal might seem bad for privacy but pls take a look at this and the privacyguides page for more info.

SearXNG, Public instances

So i think that searx might be the best search engine for privacy, but it depends on a lot of factors, like the instance that u use, their privacy policy, if u use it through tor, etc, so to simplify things, check that they have DNSSEC: Secure and if u are worried about the 14 eyes, then also check the country, and pls check their privacy policy too.

I would recommend brave search but i don't trust the brave team at all for a lot of reasons that i'm too lazy to say rn, but if u wanna use it i think it might be better than ddg anyway


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in my free time i like to learn new things, lately i've been interested on history, specifically the russian revolution, i also want to understand communism, socialism, anarchism, etc, i just know the basics about them , so i want to dig deeper, that's also how i ended on raddle, aaaand i've been listening to sewerslvt and machine girl lately, and i guess that's it, oh and i also hate myself 24/7, though i think u can already guess that by my username anyway ¯\ (ツ)/¯