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I didn't see where they said homosexuality was bourgeois (I skimmed the essay) except maybe "bourgeois queer culture," which I understood to be about pinkwashing or upper class queer people. It was mainly stating over and over that polyamory was "decadent" and a distraction (without really backing that claim).

Do tankies have to write like party propagandist cosplayers LARPers all the time?? "Bourgeois" this, "bourgeois" that, "you must devote all of yourself to the revolution and the party," and quoting Marx/Engels/Lenin for half the text.


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What do you think Shanks asked Roger about? The one piece? Roger's mortality?

Regardless, Oden holds Hiyori like a water bottle.


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So did anyone else tear up at the last part?

Moments like these really bring up my "I really want to know how the story ends"/"I really don't want it to end" conflict


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Maybe because North Korea fits some underdog narrative. They fought back against the big bad US empire. They outlasted the USSR. They didn't compromise like adopting communism with Chinese characteristics. They pose some military threat to the rest of the world. It's inspiring/aspirational to believe this small communist country can survive.

It's easy to dismiss any criticism or reports of oppression as western imperialist propaganda. And with such a small window into the country, it's easy to make up your own myths.


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I asked for others to pick apart a pro-China argument because I’m not informed enough on the topic to do so myself.

It feels like these discussions never go well in leftist circles. It seems like you did post this with good intentions so I'm sorry it got derailed :(

when you said

If you had caught me at a bad time or if I were someone who is more easily swayed by emotions, you would have created another genocide denier.

to me it does seem like you meant

someone suddenly turns into a genocide apologist on account of someone else being mean to them on the internet

If not could you explain the difference?


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I don't really like this article.

Is it really just code for white people wishing to hold onto their way of life or get “back to normal?"

Is climate anxiety a form of white fragility or even racial anxiety?

feels like a stretch

But I understand how feeling anxious about the future of the climate--while others currently live under oppression--can be a privileged thing.


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You can find the report mentioned in the article here. This is what's in the report about social media.

It is well known that dire warnings can lead to disconnect of the audience if it is not accompanied by a feasible perspective for action. Social media provides and changes our perception of the world, by promoting a sense of crisis and unfairness, but also facilitating social self-organization in novel ways, providing a powerful drive for social change.

On the worrying side, isolationism stimulated by social-media-boosted discontent may hamper global cooperation needed to curb global warming, biodiversity loss, wealth concentration, and other trends. On the other hand, social media has powered movements such as school strikes, extinction rebellion, voluntary simplicity, bartering, flight-shame, the eat-local movement and veganism to promote a steadily rising global awareness of pressing issues, that may ultimately shift social norms (Nyborg et al. 2016, Barrett et al. 2020), trigger reforms towards sustainability (Otto et al. 2020) and perhaps also wealth equalization at all institutional levels (Scheffer et al. 2017).

The combination of discontent and self-organization promotes rebellion against the old way of doing things, as in street protests, populist votes, radicalization and terrorism, but also catalyses the search for alternative ways, as in bartering and sharing platforms, or voluntary simplicity and other lifestyle movements (Carpenter et al. 2019).

The rise of social media and technologies such as bots and profiling has been explosive, and the mere rate of change has made it difficult for society to keep pace. Crowd-sourced fact checking may be combined with computer assisted analyses and judgements from professionals (Hassan et al. 2009), and labelling quality of media sources ranging from internet fora to newspapers and television stations may alert users to the risk of disinformation and heavy political bias (Pennycook and Rand 2019). With time, such approaches together with legislation, best-practice agreements, and individual skills of judging the quality of sources may catch up to control some of the negative side-effects.

The emerging picture is that social media have become a global catalyst for social change by facilitating shifts on scales ranging from individual attitudes to broad social norms and institutions. It remains unclear, however, whether this new ‘invisible hand’ will move the world on more sustainable and just pathways. Can the global, fast moving capacity for information sharing and knowledge generation through social media help lead us towards a just world where future generations thrive within the limits of our planet’s capacity (Scheffer 2020)?


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In the blog's disclaimer

In addition to accurately reported information, certain situations, characters and events portrayed in the Blog are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Also it is hard to imagine the police/prison staff see these letters and choose to leak it to... a gossip blog...?


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Is this question about style and formatting or about what to put in an appendix? And is this because you're just fulfilling a requirement or because you have things you want to include in your appendix?


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I also tried posting on the clearnet address, still using the tor browser and got the same page, but with a non-localhost ipv6 (I think?) address with this format xxxx:xxxx::1 (replacing actual address with x) so maybe the tor node I was using was IP-banned.

(Side note is this some kind of ipv6 mask format?)


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My dad reads so many self-help books but he recently got into youtube and podcasts. I'm afraid he's going to go down a rabbit hole and come out of it a nazi.