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Spider wraps are actually easy to take off without any tools. You have to pull and try to mounever the wires to come off the box. You have to practice a bit, and it works well with smaller items


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Complete Fabricated Bullshit.

A manager tried telling me this, and I'll tell you the story right after the answers to your problems.

  1. This depends if you were still on their property, which means the parking lot is included, so she wouldn't of have gotten in trouble, not to mention she didn't technically use any force or grabbed you to stop.

  2. I'm not saying they 100% don't, but it's so unlikely. If you live in a rich neighborhood where every store has a camera, then probably but even that, the chances are slim, so you can go in any different DG without issue.

  3. No, DG only has the cameras that are exposed and noticable, they wouldn't have hideable cameras. Again, I'm not 100% sure since I don't know how your DG is, but my friend works at DG and he said that there is no "hidden cameras".

  4. Yes. Especially if you're a teen, you might be scared of this. I know I was.

  5. HA DUDE! GOOD ONE! Cops wouldnt give two shits even if you stole $40 worth of items. It's just not worth opening a case and using all their time just to locate you and give you a misdemeanor and probably a fine. If the manager did call 911, they would tell her to suck it up.

Overall, you're good, and if you want to go back to a dollar general (different location obviously) don't be scared to. DG system is total bullshit.

For the storytime, I'll make it quick. I was caught stealing a few sodas and snacks for my friend. It was around $15 worth of stuff. I for some reason stayed back while my friend bolted out of there. The manager also took a picture of my face and said that I was banned from all dollar generals in city. He said he'll also be calling the cops and told me to wait there. Guess what? Instead of running I still waited. I don't know why or what I was thinking, but I just thought at the time I'd get a felony for running away.

A few minutes later he came back and all he said was "Get out of here don't come back", and I left. He either lied about calling the cops or the cops told me to suck it up.

About a year pasts and I go back there and he didn't seem to know who I was. I stole there again because I am a kleptomaniac and can't learn to keep my hands off stuff. Haven't got caught since.

(This story is not trying to encourage you to go back to that DG btw. Don't go back there. Once your banned, youre banned. Chances are she will recognize you. Maybe wait a year)


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Well....I don't think that's really enough money for the cops to actually do something. However, if they do check over security footage and see you with an ankle monitor, they'll probably end up informing the cops about it. Then your probation officer will be contacted about it, and you'll probably just get a longer period of you being in house arrest

Real dumb move to shoplift while on house arrest, don't do it again! Stay low, and don't go back to that giant eagle until like 8 months later. Goodluck OP!


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Usually all the way in the back corner of the stores, that's where blindspots are from most cameras. Sometimes there's no cameras in sections of stores that they feel are not important (if that makes sense). Like stores in my area have no cameras in the toy section, so I just go in the toy section and fill everything up there.


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Wow, your lucky you have a kid, lowers your chance dramastically of getting caught. As a teen, it's much harder, and I think all your methods are great, but like the other person who commented, what's your plan if you get caught?