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We should have a best use policy on naming forums. Examples might be:


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Fantastic! May I also suggest:

I suggest relying more on tags/flairs and search than on making hyper-niche forums.


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This is highly subjective of course:

Incomprehensible forums: Rate_that_Praxis, me_irl... I'd put internetisbeautiful and InCels in this category.

Redundant or lacking a clear distinction: CapitalismInDecay / anticapital / ItsGoingDown, Trees / ActualTrees, Zen/ Zenarchism, animalliberation / Animal Rights

Derogatory: WhiteFragility, Bootlickers (and probably others)

Glad to hear a search feature is in development!


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I suggest these criticisms are taken at face value, and work to improve the site. Raddle does need a search feature (like, common now) and some forum names are incomprehensible or derogatory. It's hard to know where to submit stories sometimes.

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I know you mean well ziq, but it seems like it's the wrong approach. If you won't allow the exchange of ideas and ideologies here, the site will stagnate.