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Yeah, I suspect that old reddit code, or some of the modifications made to it for the fempire, finally collapsed under the weight of the database or something. It's really hard to tell. Even if we had fixed it I wouldn't want to have worked on reddit code lmbo. A fresh start is pretty nice especially since we've slowly realigned over the years to be mainly a chill place to post.

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Absolutely. If you'd like access to my fork I'll add you on gitlab. I just have it private to protect myself lol.

I plan on doing an s3 integration for thumbnails so if you'd like I can figure out how to make it togglable and pull request-able and put one in if I ever get to it. Heroku is great and cheap but it uses an ephemeral file system meaning files don't stick around, so we get thumbnails going randomly missing after a certain amount of time.